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  1. Dear Dev, I know, you know, everyone knows that its real hard to earn gold in this game. What if I say we can make us all wrong and make life a bit easier for someone, one at a time? What if we start a lucky draw in the game aye? Every week those who are interested bet 1k gold for a lucky draw and during weekends result are declared and prizes are shared? Real think about it, this will really help newbies or poor guy like me, and ofc including rich kids too. What you say Dev? Help Warpsear a little more fun to play aye?
  2. Thanks guys for the replies. Well no option here but to keep trying, although its frustrating as it sounds
  3. Bro dnt let ur white elephant die, 5 white ones will come to help, in the main time protect them and eventually respawn Crystal will die. Dnt forget to use event minion too
  4. Did like 110 def rune on my 24lvl shield for crit enchant and all failed. Can some tell the success rate of crit charm? Cause if its 1% also it should be crit enchanted. And if it depends on luck then sorry for wasting your time. Btw my shield is +10
  5. I think the real point about the topic is "theres a cape in the game, specifically at 14-15 lvls", and its about time the dev do something about it?
  6. As a modest player, love the game and the excitement it brings. But the cost both in real money as well as the ingame gold for having fun in this game is insane. Have the game developer ever put their shoes on ours? I doubt it. But that's just a curiosity mind titling again. Anyway the main concern for my topic here is the "amplification costs", like wth? Does we have to pay our hard earn gold even if amp don't success? Really think about it, amp failed and we end up losing gold? On the other hand our gears remain same. Btw the term "amp success" is like non existent in this game. Also the "gold cost" for amp is way too costly, so think about it. At the end amp failed and all our hard earned gold gone just like that. If gold was easy earn which is in most games no issue here, but in this game its just a sad story to even start about gold farming. In short, REDUCE AMPLIFICATION COST OR DO NOT CHARGE GOLD FOR AMPLIFICATION FAILURE. Thank you.
  7. thank you admin for approving my topic. #Morgana #Higgings thanks for making clear my query, I just needed that detailed explanations over my confusion. Peace
  8. how does accuracy works? As far as my knowledge and from other people answers, accuracy works only on dodges. Now if it is true then the word "accuracy" does not stand its meaning. Besides the meaning itself, it raise questions like, what about block or parry? Talking about accuracy on dodges, yes some characters like rogues can build high doges status which needs a counter which is true. But what about parry skills on bd or block on warden? Does they have counters? No ( if accuracy only works on dodges). On other hand parry and blocks can not be build to certain high lvl like dodges so why bother. But if it has to be assume likewise then where is the balance there? Does parry and block need a counter? Answer is yes big or small everything needs a counter or else wheres the point talking about balancing game. My point is make accuracy works on all dodges, parry and block. At this point its just "BROKEN". thank you
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