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  2. Как я могу отправить вам личное сообщение? речь идет о мальчике, который продает счет

  3. my friend, will you tell me that the druid has no ability to heal? this really is not true. The stunts are hardly failing if they are properly I've lost to several Druids without even touching their lives. hahha Are you kidding me?
  4. I am not asking for another ability but rather improvement in ancient ability because druid is stand and has 3 stun spells
  5. Poderiam por favor dar uma melhorada no terremoto, fazer com que impeça de outras classes usarem habilidades. Porque maioria das classes tem 3 magias que realmente atordoam o oponente,más o terremoto não. Os oponentes muitas vezes acabam nos paralisando dentro do efeito do terremoto, em questão disso não vejo em outras classes isso acontecer a não ser do ranger, mas o ranger tem um dano muito alto já não é uma classe suporte.
  6. seeker and rogue. even the new classes have arrived with stunts better than many others. then why even I can not ask only for that improvement? I just asked them to adjust the earthquake to prevent the other classes from using magic.
  7. I can only imagine three classes my friend. And they are very strong in damages. The only one that compares to the shaman would be the priest.
  8. Well, I know we have blind. But in this matter I do not complain, however, only the blind is considered stunning. Because it prevents the enemy from doing any action other than the earthquake.Sometimes I get a bit discouraged because of this difference, most classes have 3 stun and shamans only 1 and the earthquake only prevents them from walking and good damage.
  10. it's not the same no all other classes have abilities that actually paralyze or silence prevent from using abilities. BUT THE SHAMANS OR PRIEST HAVE JUST ONE.
  11. yes, but do you think it's fair that I use an earthquake to get out of a class and need to go over to get out of the way and take a paralyze from bd, dk, barb and all other classes? For you this is correct right?
  12. I do not say because the shaman uses earthquake and the other class can use skills inside it because warspear has many positioning bugs ... I play shaman I play well but sometimes the earthquake only serves me to give damage only ( sometimes). this I do not think fair being the other classes the abilities do not allow this. does not need by another ability only to adjust the earthquake
  13. earthquake of the shaman should preclude the opponent from using spells, because many times we are paralyzed even with the opponent within the earthquake. It hinders the life of the shaman against all classes that paralyze. I am a shaman and wish improvement in this regard.my favorite classes, if there are no changes how will I play due to this inequality? many other players think in the same way
  14. stenio


    Gm deveria fazer algo sobre isso, para nos ajudar e também ajudar a eles. Por que assim os jogadores iriam se preparar melhor para gastar com moedas milagrosas.
  15. stenio


    Por favor, poderiam dar uma previsão das promoções da loja milagrosa para nós jogadores e donos de guildas poderem se preparar antes das promoções. Se caso houver um tópico sobre as promoções coloquem o link para mim.
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