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  1. well what can i say? since i was a middle level(13-17),a lot of sentinels where doing nothing but killing players,incluiding me,for no reason,and this drive me to hate them,i'm talking about the sentinels on US-Sapphire,most of them are savages,they kill anyone for no reason,and the worse part is i can't kill them back right now because their stats are ridiculously high,which gives me impotence,so i build a black list of every single player that killed me for no reason,but that's not what are we talking about and as the cherry of the cake,most of the sentinels are legionaires using alts,unbeleivable! but yeah,in conclusion: for me,they are the true villians of Arinar and just so you know,i was thinking on doing a different suggestion called: "Dummies for every occasion" to close this topic
  2. don't make me set you on fire(i'm talking about my fire totem,i can do it,i don't care)
  3. i respect the devs,but sadly,a lot of ppl don't,they tend to insult them in the world chat(at least in US-Sapphier,not sure if in another servers happens the same thing),cursing them and blame them just because they didn't got drops from dungeons or something,other sad thing is that the rule of not exchanging,buying or selling accounts is not followed,they break the rule,well,not all,but some do i'd like to do something to improve the game,but sadly i don't have great ideas i found that zone once thanks to my curiosity,it's my favorite place
  4. new mechanics sounds well,new experts? i hope they add something good for shaman,i'm constantly bullied,not only by players,but mobs also,the scyphozoans and sea wasps along with the hydrophobia and bleeding are the things i really hate from the twilight dephts
  5. Greetings! I got an excelent idea to give the high level players to help the lower players As the time passes,new warriors appear,not all the battles can be won alone,i consider its time to give the strong warriors a good reasons to help those who can't win a battle alone Example of a help Quest: Help 10 players of level 13 to above at killing bosses Rewards: 5000 Gold 90 Experience 100 Guild Points More ideas for Rewards: Crimson Corundum Pirate Doubloons Health Potion Scrolls Bars maybe with this,all we can encourage solidarity in both alliances Thank you for reading ^^
  6. oh yeah! now these are good changes! i can't beleive i will say this but you're right
  7. its hard to beleive that an amount of players try or threats the game like they own the game,or at least for me personally i'd like to see a player saying "i own this game" in front of the game masters or threating the game like they own it in front of the game masters let's just say i'd like that people respect other's property(sorry,i don't know how must be written 😞 ) but well,what i can do? ^^
  8. Before anyone say anything,hello,you're watching a screenshot i took during last war,as you can see here,the amount of sentinels is bigger than us,the legionnaires,its unbeliveable how they can be more than us,there's like 2 funny things about this,war just took 2 minutes,and in the european server,there's overpopulation population of legionnaires,its hard to understand how people can prefer one side,so much people joined the sentinels for many reasons: 1-People is more active,but of course,there's another disadvantage of this,there's also more toxic people(we can't do much about this,we can't change the people) 2-Its easier,well,yeah,there's classes i consider "broken",but i beleive the most broken one its the warden,the expert "master of blocking"(i apologize if i didn't use the correct name),its sompowerfull that makes the wardens almost inmortal,being too hard to defeat alone 3-Better Economy,yeah,since there's a lot of people in the sentinels,as result,the demand goes lower,but since there's less people on the legion,the demand goes hgher,so much that prices are growing in a insane amount now i'll show you what sentinels from US-sapphire do after they won the war what are the sentinels doing? easy,they are killing every single npc and player they find in their way,in other words,they behave like the place belong to them,thing that its incorrect,this is a capture the flag war,not a "take a territory and kill everyone" war,and its more funny,they are supposed to be "heroes",but the proof here speaks other thing this happened hoyurs ago before war,this 2 sentinels are abusing the lower levels players and killing npc(this may sound cruel,but the npc are the less important thing,since they can respawn),this is an absolutely terrible action,they are not leaving other players play in peqce just to have their "fun" there's rumors that the developers favor the sentinels,personally i don't consider this true,since the developers should keep a neutral position in order to keep the game alive for more time and yeah,there's one more thing this question hits right on the target why one side has to be better than one? can't be both ok? Since i already spoke about my opinion,now i'll give my suggestions to make the game better: -Balance the Alliances: there has to be enough players for both alliances,in other games,there's a team balance system that prevents teams to have most players Encourage Players: sadly,i don't have enough ideas for this solution,but if we can encoursge the players to balance bth sides,maybe we can make warspear online a better game Prevent Abusing: why a lvl 28 has to invade enemy territory for killing weaker players? this may lead the weaker players to quit the game,since the bully its just making them have a bad time this is the biggest post i ever made in this webpage,if i just hope i didn't break any community rule,i'd like your hear your thoughs and opinions Thanks for reading
  9. a player is creating chars to insult me via private message,where i should denunce him or what can i do?
  10. paladins are already powerfull enough thank you
  11. look at this! this is ridiculous! why there's so many sentinels?! its because they are "the good guys"? its because everything there is cheaper? its because people there is more active? they aren't "good guys",everything depends of the players,there's those who saw an enemy player and just react when they are under attack,and there's the others that just attack when they saw you the economy needs to be "fixed",im just wondering,¿why people sell everything so expenvise? its like they need the gold like it can be exchanged for real money,thing that its impossible people like sentinels because its basically "easy mode",lets say some people are very very lazy,and no,don't include me plz,i'm not one of them and not only that,there's 3 classes that i personally consider "broken": Blade Dancer: paralize,and you're death Warden: These are practically inmortal,every block means they get healed,they can mass tank thousands of players for long enough,these truly need a nerf and also,there's people that says that game masters favor sentinels(i'm not sure if this its true),when they shouldn't do that why? you ask if game masters DO favor the sentinels,this can represent a big hole in the game,since the servers will get filled with players,and when they are full,rest will have to move to the legion,and they win't enjoy because they are on a big disadvantage,the players also in the sentinel side,will ststt to break the rules and buy/sell/exchange accounts(stuff that its already happening but these manage to dodge the ban),the legion will be empty,sentinels will win EVERY SINGLE war,and game masters will have a significant lose of busget,and this will eventually kill the game my solutions: if game masters really DO favor the sentinels,they should keep a neutral position instead,no side its better than other,in order to keep the game alive for more years i'm nobody to chage the people,i know,but if we want to make the legion a better place,they should be fair,even at selling and stop being lazy,i know this won't change anything,but i hope it makes you think about it i dunno what's gonna happen with this post,i just hope i didn't break any rules,i'd rather break my staff rather than breaking a comunity rule or game rule thank you very much for reading,and i really hope the legion will be better someday please forgive auron,he's being negative,and i didn't notice he was cursing,things have gone tough
  12. most of things i know i learned alone,since there's nobody that will teach me how things work,and what i expect? more low amp players just like me,because i had the worst luck ever
  13. im not gonna lie,yes,im a lvl 28 shaman,my goal is to become strong to help the weak ones,and get revenge of all the sentinels on my black list,i know i got low deffense,but high stat sentinels always pick on me,i truly hate it
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