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  1. Greetings,there has been a big issue respecting the last stage on world event in snow bound the event started to fail,at leadt on US-Sapphire,due many players are focused on killing other players instead of focusing on the big boss my suggestion,is that the boss area should become a neutral area,so players can focus on the boss instead of killing other poayers preventing enemy players to get animal guise skill is a double sharpness weapon,they won't have the skill,but you won't have it either,besides,it is better to get the skill besides snow bound is a large map(but not as big as snow bound 2018,it was huge) i hope this helps,thanks for your attention
  2. i'll be blunt and honest well,yeah,the people dissapoints me,they are rude,lazy,unfriendly,unhelpful and goldthirsty,not mentioning toxic i still can't understand how they can rise the costumes prizes like they were so special that they worth a lot,and most like to overchage,even though there's players that need to replace old gears i got very few stuff from horror circus,and i couldn't get the Rider of Apocalypse,which is a costume i desire since horror circus 2018,but i couldn't get it,and it's a costume i need to become the "Elf Reaper",the only good thing is that i got a stun staff that i call "Elf Buster" the only thing i liked from the event was the chupacabra,even though he doesn't deal a lot of dmg,the skills that he has were just excellent i just hope the snowy boundary 2019 will have event minions that really worth it and to end this anwser,i couldn't get the raid boss kill achievement for elfs fault,i was trying to collaborate,and one comes and kills me who knows why,i was only interested on a stupid achivement,is that asking too much?
  3. omg,why the seeker,rqnger and blade dancer have to get buffed? they are ridiculously powerfull already,or shall i say "broken" (and the users of these classes love abusing) respecting to the shaman changes,i like what they will do with the passive heals,soon,i'll be able to share pt with another shaman respecting to the warden changes,FINALLY warden won't be the only class that can survive a player army,it was about time not mentioning that there's classes that doesn't need a change to be good on pvp,which is unfair for other classes but the updated will be great,i'm already in love with the update
  4. hmm? sorry about the delay,also,statement above? you mean the comunity rules?
  5. well,since this event is about to end in 3 days,i'd like to make this post in order to show what i think of this event before starting with this,a disclaimer i'm NOT blaming the developers and neither underestimating them,i've been waiting to post this since day 4 of the event,i'm just pointing the bad things here,i can barely point good things since they are so few Now,i must say this was the worse horror circus i ever had in my playtime here,and here are my reasons 1.Goldlust's Overprice People went crazy with the prizes once they were shown and dropped,like the event was only made for riches,pay to play players and mcoiners,a lvl 30 staff for 350k gold? give me a break! and don't wanna mention the costumes,what kind of special skill the costumes have that makes it some speciall? rarity? appearance? not an excuse,paying 100k for a costume id completely unnecessary 2.High Stat Demand and Favortism We all know lvl 32 dungeons are tougher than 28,but some people need to spam despite their stats,me for example,there was like 2 times i asked for invite for going to lvl 32 dungeon and guess what? N O A N W S E R,because they just want full +9 and +10,yeah! sure! like i had that amount of gold! 3.Lazyness on the very first days,are you serious? Even with the prize,there was STILL afks around,they really don't care about anything,not only legionaires,but sentinels also,and sentinels was far worse,dude,work for the things you have,nobody wants a hobo that does nothing 4.Very hard world event,practically impossible to finish After 2nd stage,the world event becomes really hard,specially 4th dtage,because the parasites can abuse the fear and cycle it,making impossible to destroy the piñata,and with it,completing the event 5."Treasure of Count Onofre" GvG event was rigged Big guilds always want to win,they really don't get tired of winning,do they? many of the members do score meanwhile others go and kill other players to prevent them to make points,pretty dirty play if you ask me Now you might be asking "why you say all of this NOW?" because i got faith that,in the future,AIGRIND would learn from his mistakes(i don't mean that what comunity do was AIGRIND's fault) and create even better events that would make a lot of people happy,so no matter if you're a free to play or a mcoiner or a pay to win,anybody can enjoy the event now I thank you for your attention,now i must say goodbye to the lady elf traveler,the storage keeper and the chupacabra(my 3rd favorite event minion
  6. OMG THIS IS AMAZING! i was affraid that AIGRIND woul look forced on recycle stuff from past events,but they are smarter than they look! i'm so excited! the event minions look like they take up the 3 main roles on a party! they also look spooky as hell! i can't wait to try them! i'm already hyped! i wish i could support AIGRIND somehow,but i am free to play,so....can't buy miracle coins i'll just say,you're doing a good work,AIGRIND
  7. well what can i say? since i was a middle level(13-17),a lot of sentinels where doing nothing but killing players,incluiding me,for no reason,and this drive me to hate them,i'm talking about the sentinels on US-Sapphire,most of them are savages,they kill anyone for no reason,and the worse part is i can't kill them back right now because their stats are ridiculously high,which gives me impotence,so i build a black list of every single player that killed me for no reason,but that's not what are we talking about and as the cherry of the cake,most of the sentinels are legionaires using alts,unbeleivable! but yeah,in conclusion: for me,they are the true villians of Arinar and just so you know,i was thinking on doing a different suggestion called: "Dummies for every occasion" to close this topic
  8. don't make me set you on fire(i'm talking about my fire totem,i can do it,i don't care)
  9. i respect the devs,but sadly,a lot of ppl don't,they tend to insult them in the world chat(at least in US-Sapphier,not sure if in another servers happens the same thing),cursing them and blame them just because they didn't got drops from dungeons or something,other sad thing is that the rule of not exchanging,buying or selling accounts is not followed,they break the rule,well,not all,but some do i'd like to do something to improve the game,but sadly i don't have great ideas i found that zone once thanks to my curiosity,it's my favorite place
  10. new mechanics sounds well,new experts? i hope they add something good for shaman,i'm constantly bullied,not only by players,but mobs also,the scyphozoans and sea wasps along with the hydrophobia and bleeding are the things i really hate from the twilight dephts
  11. Greetings! I got an excelent idea to give the high level players to help the lower players As the time passes,new warriors appear,not all the battles can be won alone,i consider its time to give the strong warriors a good reasons to help those who can't win a battle alone Example of a help Quest: Help 10 players of level 13 to above at killing bosses Rewards: 5000 Gold 90 Experience 100 Guild Points More ideas for Rewards: Crimson Corundum Pirate Doubloons Health Potion Scrolls Bars maybe with this,all we can encourage solidarity in both alliances Thank you for reading ^^
  12. oh yeah! now these are good changes! i can't beleive i will say this but you're right
  13. its hard to beleive that an amount of players try or threats the game like they own the game,or at least for me personally i'd like to see a player saying "i own this game" in front of the game masters or threating the game like they own it in front of the game masters let's just say i'd like that people respect other's property(sorry,i don't know how must be written 😞 ) but well,what i can do? ^^
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