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  1. before replying i find myself forced to correct you it's not "service" it's "server" now,respecting your coment: Yes,that's one of the reasons that keeps me away from recovering the faith on humanity,the Human Selfishness,since the first human being was born,he was always looking for his survival over the others We are not evolving as a society It's full of stigmas,stereotypes,arrogance,pride,saltyness,desire of money,power and status at this rate,we deserve to die
  2. If you haven't read the title closely,this is my opinion,this is how i see the things,i may be wrong in some this,but this is my whole standpoint *Deep inhale* Warspear Online is not fun thanks to the community(American Server Community to be specific) "It's a war game" I'm aware,thank you,but however,i don't want to be forced to deal with high level +10 amp players who ruin others' day i don't want to constantly have to fear for my life(even if your real life isn't in danger) being unable to quest because some empty skulls are spawnkilling(which is a very dishonest action,very despicable if you ask me) constantly dealing with toxic players,pridefull players,arrogant players,and selfish fat sacks who don't help or go afk "this game is party playthrough intended" yeah,but people disobey the intention anyway arrogance,pride,wish of posession,thirst of power,need to be the "best" this combined together make horrible players(and those are very common) everything in the game,can't be enjoyed,because it's always a "survival" i dare to say that the community knows no equity or solidarity *sight* i think that's all i have to say,and if i find this post breaks at least one of the rules,im gonna personally shot myself on the.....head,yes,the head good day to you or whatever
  3. yeah,well,i hate it,there's ppl who don't understands that i don't want to pvp(mostly because people makes it unfair 24/7),neither start a skinmirsh,the only thing i'm interested to,it's to quest
  4. hmm,world event on ayvondil t3? good,that sector it's practically a ghost town(except for the npcs)
  5. Me: *goes to turtle fort* Me: *gets killed by a seeker near the port* Also me: *gets killed by the same seeker when i'm about to quest* i don't see the joke
  6. then i just suggest to never play this game and let it die,because in the end,there's games that are far more fair,with multiplayer modes you can play with bots(A.I. controlled players) offline just to avoid the problems players here like me have to deal with everyday: -Gank -Being treated unfairly -Lag (Common onlije multiplayer problem) -Mean people (Very common) -Being pulverized and abused my most usual problems are related wit the comunity,i don't know if anyone else have to deal with the same problems as me,but hey,there's always a chance,anyway,i'm not sure if there's hope for warspear online
  7. then i'll just suggest new players to NEVER enter on arena ^^
  8. un,there's still many issues,buddy -depending of the player's geographical location,he can be only avalaible to certain hours of day that are the opposite on other's location,for example,in méxico is day time,but on spain is night time -my current reputation with the comunity is not very favorable -most of ppl just likes players with high stats only -one of the issues i already mentioned is that people is lazy and selfish,despite of the sense of the game -i played solo most of my game time -comunity makes the game not fun(sad but truth) -i can't walk with tranquility without being gank by an empty skull -i'm not so dumb to spend money on a game(specificly pay to win games) -i barely get help when i need it,so most of time i must help myself or give up i can barely see good stuff in the game
  9. some times i wish i can have 4 summons at the same time(and for any player) i've been holding t5 pirate baits and twilight dephts baits since spring and guess what? i can't do them "why don't you ask for help in the world chat?" 1-people is selfish and lazy 2-there's plenty of people i ignored for several reasons 3-everyone is spamming dungeons "can't you ask help to friends?" they are busy as well "have you tried solo them?" i'm not on the condition to that,besides,twilight dephts it's an aquatic hell for any lone player "why not use a minion?" 1-it's not enough with just one 2-second hand dealer tends to have overpriced items due people's goldlust sadly,there's only one class that can have 4 summons at the same time legit,and that's the Charmer "how?" simple,all you need it's at least a summon scroll,following the roles: Charmer: tank & healer Darkness Wolf: damage dealer Night Bird: healer Event Minion: damage dealer or healer or both Summon Scroll: damage dealer and well,that's how you do it,i never tried it myself to be honest i don't know what you guys think,but this is my honest opinion
  10. um,arena is different it's 99.9% unfair thanks to the big guilds who think they can own arena when they aren't supposed to this is why i hate arena and i avoid going there
  11. it was wonderfull while it lasted still,i have some suggestions for improving the game,maybe just a little -Give the event minions a higher cd(reduce skills cooldown time) and make them spam skills a lot more,so we can actually rely on them when we are in dange -I'll insist,punish the afks,lots of players just don't want to help in the event,they are easily "villians" in this case,the punishment for them must hurt,so they can either help on the event or simply not going -make enemy ai more aggressive and harder,i personally prefer pve over pvp(because most of time it's unfair and ppl often play dirty) so why not make more player-like enemies that represent s challenge? it would be amazing i hope you consider one or some of my suggestions,thank you for yout attention
  12. hi,i have a problem i'm unable to read what the signs say in the dungeon i'm an IOS 9.5.5 user
  13. OMG I'M SO EXCITED! WHO WOULD TELL THAT GOING TO A SCHOOL OF MAGIC WOULD BE SO INTERESTING AND FUN?? Oh,and ty for telling the purpose of status markers,i was confused the first time i saw that setting i hope it's not too late for me to keep insisting on this suggestion: please,i beg you,why not add an afk punishment system? i have some ideas for punish those sloths: -dmg and deffense reduced in 20% for 2-3 hours -all gears durability gets reduced to 0 -attack speed reduced in 50% for 2-3 hours -character speed reduced in 50% for 2-3 hours now a punishment for saboteurs: -2 or 3 bosses spawn near the player and kill them how the system would work: AFK: if player stands still in even zone avoiding doing anything but standing on a "safe spot",after the stage is completed,the punishment is applied on all the AFK (in further stages,were lower level players are vunerable,they are spared because there isn't much that they can do) Saboteurs: if they do things like calling boss attention and then exiting zone and entering back,the saboteur gets a mark debuff,and the bosses,spawn and kill the saboteur(this method is pretty alike as the bloodthirsty shark,when you're bleeding,he go after you to kill you) anyway,ty for your attention,i hope we get to go to the blissful island soon,it's a "blessing" for me,my only intetions is try to make the game a little better if possible good day to you
  14. i'll need a bigger wall
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