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  1. i have a kill player quest uncomplete since months and i'm not complaining or being a coward you're gonna make me do this? okay Perfection: first guild i got in when i started playing,i had to go cuz it was inactive,but i will remember them with all respect DeepImpact: another guild i went in,leader was quite a troll,i also went out from there cuz it was inactive as well Swiftfate: yet another guild,active,i had many problems and i used to complain a lot,i got kicked from there like 3 times,some time later a friend told me that the leader it's a two-face,am banned from thid guild TheForlorn: one guild i surely liked,i had most of kicks and leaves in this one, it was thanks to the leader that the Elf Reaper got born (because i needed the costume of The Rider of Apocalypse) BADxJUJU: i didn't lasted much in this one, i didn't dven had the chance to meet the leader The current one i'm staying is GreenThumb(i can't hide it considering i record and upload videos), it's quite chill not gonna lie,there are some details i will avoid mentioning,but overall everything nice,we are currently unable to do t5 guild events due we need 30-40 members of levels 28 to 32 and not all of us are strong,which means i'm doomed to struggle in t5 forever until a miracle happens(which probably won't happen) And if you're gonna suggest me entering on the Sithlords,no, these one's are under the leadership of Buuuuu,ally of the elves(which violates the entire concept of the game),they have an extension guild called outlaw In conclusion: am privated of biggest sources of Doubloons due the conditions set by the devs,and let me tell you something, US-Sapphire doesn't have the nicest people,specially on the Sentinel side where lots are toxic(which is funny cuz you said i was acting toxic but yet in the forum this is not allowed, not thay i say that acting toxic is good, cuz it's not), not to mention that Legionnaires steal from other Legionnaires, just what side sre you in? anyway,just that dude,um,i hate pvp,i avoid it,everytime an elf attacks me my body thinks i'm in danger, making me nervous
  2. that doesn't mean kill people in the WORST moment and aiming for the weakest it costs me time and patience,not to mention i'm slow in water compared to many players because i don't have the dang flippers it's very discouraging
  3. it's SERIOUSLY questing in peace asking too much?? i ran away from another seeker and this "guy" caugh me in the worst moment by everything that is holy! just leave me alone! only the cowards go for the weakest players!
  4. the elves got too much power,and too many shields 2 seem to be enough to win againts 3 since bladedancers ARE STUPIDLY BROKEN and no,the buffs he has got beyond of my reach and i can't outrun that
  5. the buffs make him stronger which in my opinion it's a cheap move the auto clickers makes the elf capable of 24/7 blocking other players doing other kind of stuff like "win lose"
  6. you're kidding me right? please telling me you're not supporting this kind of abusive play
  7. that guys was full of buffs we got to a point were they also cheat by using auto-clickers on arena blocking other players in events can be considered againts the rules? i beleive so because everyone has the right to participate if they want so i really hate this guy and nearly every single sentinel player in existence
  8. this guy has been harassing me and my guildmates to prevent us to score,can you please do me a favor and sue him? am frikking furious,and my levels of restraining are unhuman,i don't know how long it'll last
  9. Note: if you wonder why the voices sound the way they sound in the song, you probably never played or saw Friday Night Funkin' on youtube i had to put this video in Tavern since it doesn't fit for any category of the "videos" section after all it's just me giving a piece of my mind
  10. i feel like i have a camera drone over me
  11. since my max HP it's too low for dg lvl 32,i look myself forced to go on a lower level dg to do the dg dmg quest,at this heights it doesn't matter that you're not getting any drop https://youtu.be/viYPxoI50iQ
  12. okay,let me tell you something that happened when i needed the termintary I was asking for help in the world chat so i can get the termitary done and advance to the next dector,but,people was entirely focused on a battle that involved Alexisgood(A scammer which i hate,all i know is that he moved to the elf side), eventually i stopped asking for help and i think you NEVER been on US-Sapphire in your entire game time,seriously also,generally i'm nice,but people over there take out the worst part of me also,i i lost a lot of durabilty thanks to this stupid elites making me go near the mobs
  13. ugh,dude,how i tell you this...? NO....BODY....WILL....HELP ME Community it's not know for being usefull,diigent and nice,all the opposite it's known for being selfish,greedy,toxic and lazy,and the elf side are a bunch of cowards(because they kill weaker players and run away) and another issue that probably happened forever it's the lack of gear supply,but that's another topic my point is,people are too "busy" doing who-knows-what,so am forced to do it myself with the Event Minion Skill,since it's the only thing that ACTUALLY helps me the most(this doesn't mean i don't thank people who helps me)
  14. Why do some elites must have fear? it's just as annoying as sentinels(and some legionnaires),not to mention their stupid range of reach that RESETS their entire health and fear has high chances to dragging me to the freaking mobs and killing me on the process I need an explanation please Oh,and i still have problems trying to get the link convert into a video,and i still don't know how to solve it no matter how much i wait
  15. at least they won't have people insulting or blaming them also,the game ain't fun anyway
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