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  1. then explain why this players still have their names and guilds named like this
  2. then,how about this? i'm gonna post a topic about players and guilds using innapropiate names and asking the devs WHY they allow it? Game is E+10,not A+21 do you even agree?
  3. so never got ganked huh? how you do it? still,the wrong players took over something and behaving like they own the world also,want to know something funny? posts where i complain gets more attention than me speaking of any other topic but it's not like i'm trying to get attention(unless i give suggestions to improve the game),and i can't complain anymore because these "peopl" got their eyes on me,one lf the things that really makes me angry is being watched constantly,like,dude,leave me alone,i'm not a criminal,serial killer or a member of the mafia,pl
  4. are you serious? spending money mindlessly just for winning is one of the most stupidest things you can do,besides,remember what i said before,those people believe they own the game(when it's actually owned by a russian company)
  5. just so you know,arena is overruned by elves and fil- ahem "Sith Lords" which makes it impossible to have a victory or even get into a fight any suggestions?
  6. sorry for butting in like this But yeah,you may be right,bots in MMOs are bad idea but for any other kind of multiplayer game which is not MMO,is necessary
  7. minions have limited time,and costs money,and they are not aware of their infinite energy The partner you get in Alchemia Story makes you company forever,besides of getting stronger and help you in a great variety od things,in the game,the partners are called YOME,(It stands for "Your Own Meet Everyday" on the game,but in japanese,if i'm not wrong,means wife, however,the relationship that your character and the partner has,it's "Travel Partners"),they help you in combat(of course,if you enter first on battle,if not,she/he won't spawn) in most of places,they can't go places such as
  8. as i said,for MMORPGs is needed a discussion,but if you want a good example of a MMORPG who applies it correctly (i beleive) it's Puzzle Pirates,this game adds NPCs on taberns which you can challenge to some minigames If you're a captain of a boat and got no crew,you can simply add a crew filled with NPCs,which is a great addition let me tell you But for multiplayer games,it's not fully necessary to have a campaign,they are on their right to not have a campaign,but it's necessary to have THAT single player option,i just hope you saw at least some of the videos
  9. again,they only display as a video once i hit edit topic button at this point i don't know what to do
  10. oh,so after typing everything i have to do is wait? how come i didn't thought about it? thank you edit: sorry,your instructions were obvious and unclear,also,they show as a video RIGHT after i click "edit post" or "post",i tried waiting but it took longer than expected and nothing happened
  11. i was thinking on doing a summary,but i'm too tired,to be honest,so,instead,i'll post links of videos that talk about the importance of multiplayer bots of videogames,i suggest you to watch all of them if you want to,and have enough time ¿for MMORPGs? i'm not sure,but i'm open for discuss about it,anyway,here are the links (i'm currently having issues to display the videos instead as showing them as links,if somebody can help me i would be grateful about it) https://youtu.be/zgc-p79L2cE
  12. big spender also,it's obvious you're not like me who's: on warspear online and alchemia story(this game launches more events than warspear itself,and slacking off here has a big price),on a inactive guild(it's one of the few places where i'm free of problems)
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