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    Use your inner sight to make good choices before it's too late
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  1. Lmao as a Union worker in the USA this is very disturbing
  2. so doing exactly what your guild wanted but failed at is cheating... so maybe you should get devs to make the game so only you can win failproof. It sounds like the only thing that isnt cheating to you.
  3. Please glad respect your moderators wishes. I deleted mine to avoid this endless drama. Save your tears
  4. The new Point Shooting is pretty good
  5. It might be too much to ask for but it would also be nice to have one between leader and heir like "hand" "arch-maester" or something to be the first in line in case lead pass on 14 days. And this person can do almost all things leader can
  6. It sure has been awhile... again
  7. I say this is very much needed something between explorer and heir is probably the best i could ask for. :* Like Count/ Baron/ Captain or something of a good rank name you can think of
  8. i made that joke about the aliens and the space wall an hour before that meme went viral
  9. *z* i know they gone i said it on world chat R.I.P 4X GP
  10. .... the gp is still at 100% on snow dungeons. many are wasting pots for this. please fix
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