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  1. Oh, thank you for the edit! I will reupload the missing images, no problem.
  2. I have noticed that some images in my guide dissapeared after a while. I have uploaded them directly from my device via drag n drop. Maybe if I use them as a hyperlink from some website, could that fix the problem?
  3. For some reason several pictures appear out of context in the end of the post. I have tried to delete them but they always reappear when I submit it, so I gave up.
  4. Introduction If you like to play the game solo most of the time, like me, you might need to use some additional resources in order to boost your stats and farm/do quests faster (or be able to do it at all 🙂). For this purpose, there are different alternatives- scrolls, potions, high vampirism stats, and... minions! This guide contains some basic information about the minions in Warspear Online- functionality, classification (which you might want to skip, if you are an experienced player) and a table with information about every minion, available in the current v9.3.3. The lat
  5. Basic skills: Thorn of death 5/5 Dark Shield 5/5 And...Provocation or any 3/5 Expert skills: Saturation and Secret reserves are good If you are +8 +9 +10 aura of hatred is too very usefull... That is pve build.
  6. I hope - devs will make cool pvp skill for paladin. Most pala skills are useful only for teams... he needs good passive for himself (barbs stone skin or last wish for example...)
  7. Hello let me introduce my suit: Hippie, wearing clothes in spring style After examining others contests, I decided it is time to join here... Where I play: EU-Emerald ; RU-Amber ; (now in Amber) I hope you like this guy. Feel free to comment! n link to imgur..: http://imgur.com/a/uEic5
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