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  1. Basic skills: Thorn of death 5/5 Dark Shield 5/5 And...Provocation or any 3/5 Expert skills: Saturation and Secret reserves are good If you are +8 +9 +10 aura of hatred is too very usefull... That is pve build.
  2. I hope - devs will make cool pvp skill for paladin. Most pala skills are useful only for teams... he needs good passive for himself (barbs stone skin or last wish for example...)
  3. Nice work bro..but is the size correct?
  4. Hello let me introduce my suit: Hippie, wearing clothes in spring style After examining others contests, I decided it is time to join here... Where I play: EU-Emerald ; RU-Amber ; (now in Amber) I hope you like this guy. Feel free to comment! n link to imgur..: http://imgur.com/a/uEic5
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