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  1. astromante

    Steel Castaway

    Muito legal o traje, essa competição vai ser difícil de ganhar em, vários trabalhos bem feitos.
  2. Se eu fizer um traje em pixel art de 45x24 e salva em uma imagem com 1024 pixels,tem algum problema? Pq se a definição da imagem for baixa vai dificultar de ver o traje.
  3. astromante

    Guerreira escarlate

    Ai sim em patrão, ei o nome ficou "guerreiro"
  4. astromante

    Senhor do tártaro.

    Herói: astromante xamã lvl 28 Servidor: br - turmalina depois de queimar no tártaro, o fogo do tártaro ficou em seu corpo queimando seu esqueleto e deixando o preto, seus chifres nasceram depois de todo o ódio que ele acumulou em todos os anos.
  5. Eu vou chorar😭 eu já estava ansioso para entrar no circo dos horrores.
  6. Desculpa kkkkkk era pra ser "hehe" mas o corretor colocou aquilo kkkkk
  7. Ala aceitaram o post hegemonia
  8. Once a friend called me to go in a heroic dungeon since the game was at a weekly event where we could get the customs snorlar and bonewinged guard custom we would go to the belly of Kronus one of which I'm not much fan but anyway I accepted the challenge, however I wanted to go 10 times and I had no elixir of the explorer with that I sold 10 union symbols almost crying since they would be necessary in the future and I used a teleportation scroll to go to the labyrinth, arriving in the dungeon all were preparing for the challenge, then we started to enter that danger and always someone died in the middle of the road which was bad and delayed the dungeon, after several times I went and seeing my friends winning several items, I was already getting sad for not having gained nothing, then came the last time we would, arriving at the boss the group was there, after beating the boss I went to get the chest if eyes closed and when I opened had bonewin ged guard custom and I did not believe I checked several times to see if it was real, and it was amazing, until today I do not believe
  9. astromante

    Violation of rules.

    He is always speaking these things without fear of being punished.
  10. astromante

    Astromante br-tourmaline

    No, I really like apple.
  11. astromante

    Astromante br-tourmaline

    Thank you.
  12. astromante

    Astromante br-tourmaline

    Nome: Astromante Servidor: br-turmaline Classe: xamã Nivel: 24 O melhor ângulo de mim e minha maçã.