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  1. So what make strong people if there is no best gear.Nerfed classes or playing without opponent?
  2. They can do every kind of sh.t and they proud with them.Just let it be or quit game.İ can say this they bunch of .....
  3. Dont say that bro their rats year. they give %30 regeneration buff and %15 damage reflection for hard kill bosses...if u lucky u can even see nian costume.i hope u get it.and U can still use oxygen tube undersea...
  4. best combination of gears.Dont u like that.
  5. ı dont know you talking about which game bro but ı didnt see a paladin tank since kronus dg. and u proved my words go build warden better up to you.U changed profile photo btw lore old one was better.
  6. crnoss

    Reforming Warlock

    İ didnt play much at MC Side but warlock class awkward class for damager.Why they gave many control skills. İ can say damager for mage but warlock idk.
  7. crnoss

    Seeker Skill problem

    Seekers need DMG buff skill for pve maybe.go play Ranger better İTS good for pve and pvp
  8. İ support blazeferno make BD full speed.daggers still cheap i Guess No need to expesive items.i can say this most interesting class after paladin.have many buff skill no need to support for bds
  9. İf u play pve paladin delete it before too late.What can u do with paladin at pve? İf u build support paladin go play druid , priest or mage they have better sup skills... İf u build tanker pala wardens still better class.Whats paladins for İTS big question.
  10. İ dont understand u guys wth talking about but im sure u deserve a rare costume. İ hope u find it.
  11. İs there chat activity infographics.Bc sometimes i feel whole server in our guild chat..
  12. İ have a idea. players still dont know what they do in game. İ dont know about bots looks Like they pro ATM. U guys share best combinetions from different event items . i open this topic because some people bored about skill discuss.Better idea make contest about that. Maybe that help people in game and hard workers. There are many gear sets and accesories in game this can help revive old dungeons.
  13. Yeah i support lore.İ wonder paladin s most popular skill.
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