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  1. İ dont unerstand banner nerfed? And deal unnerfed damage with sun seal skill? @lallouss?
  2. @LeeLoo ı cant find at any help its hard to complete dg quests.i think its very important for mc side. what should ı do? and for paladins maybe need talents about craft ? should be good in my imagination...
  3. İ play magic paladin... every event get new equip, hard to amp to +9 new gears.idk maybe healing skills need remake.ty for listen to me.💘(for all broken heards)...
  4. Hi guys, i open this topic beacuse i saw in horror circus. i wonder your memories about high school:))).i shared 2 picture which one is close to your memories or you can share another picture.mine looks like this.
  5. crnoss


    İ have ideas for smiles...i heard this popular nowadays,some call looking back. İ found those...İ wished draw myself but no tecnology or experience.i hope u understandme and sorry for my ignorance.
  6. Dear,İ hope there will be good dmg skill or support skill for paladin soon. Because i feel like very dramatic and lonely in dg.(etc. Sorry for my bad grammer can u fix me when im wrong #beginner class)...
  7. İ think paladins need good magic dmg skill😋
  8. İ dont have gf. İ hope to find here bc of that shared it 1 month ago
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