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  1. Congratz.İ like this topic.This will be more helpfull for newcomers i guess
  2. at least AİGRİND understand us put the last point and made dgs easier.TY again and i wish u all merry christmass.
  3. @peclep i support pecleb.in this gane what i see. i can only earn Gold only from t3 and t4 quests and spam dg if i have enough gold for buy seeker stam.No one can say im not work harder.İ cant get arena rewards because all ranks owned.My guild not have guild castle.İ can not farm bosses with party because someone do solo farm at boss.And now people are not inv me dg because its hard.Can someone tell me if u not give me chance to work harder how can i work harder.
  4. Hold on noobs this event for pros and masters of tactician☠️.Come on guys Whats going on here.This is holiday event should be for every players even for weak and lazy guys
  5. İf die fast how do Rush and do Good job or whatever.Ok ok u guys right we cry here.this is no place say what u think i guess.
  6. Pls respect to other players. if most people say dg is hard it should be true. Evrything easy for full+10 players
  7. i have craft jobs at heavy armor 2 days after will finish.They wont cancel after update right? agreed.if something done only for paladins want that .Do same thing for all class players
  8. i hope all classes fix before this update.There is 8 classess elf side but i only see warden mage and bd
  9. is there new expert skills and new craft level soon.Cant u give us some info? i dont want waste my essences
  10. thid update good but i cant do tp heroic and myth with my paladin.Whats paladin s job in this game i dont understand. i have 8 k def but cant be tank beacause of useless expert skills.Please fix this.Nobody need paladins.
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