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  1. hihi i understand now . anyway stack in one place or not still too long set up trap
  2. hy dev first i want to say thanks update 10.0.0 is awesome. daily reward is superb and beast trap ranger with periodic demage and block enemy ability using skill is make me happy when im try at test server back to topic im here want to cry about ranger trap again. first i want to know why explosive trap and slowing trap should disapear when character die or crossing. why not make it like beast trap just stay there. when character die or crossing second. i can put slowing trap more than 1. in 1 pleace the dmg can stack why explosive trap cant ? last. is bomb ranger op ? bom ranger set up is too long.
  3. i love foraken name : Deadliest Warrior race : forsaken Usable Weapons and Armors : two-handed sword, two haned-mace. two=handed axe and spear, heavy armor and leather 5 Skills : 1 path of warrior a blow that deals increased psycal dmg to enemy 2 glory of warrior blow that dead psycal dmg to enemy and all enemy around 1 yard 3 garaan blessing increase charcter magic and psical deff 4 wrath of warrior jumpt to specified area and push surrounding enemy 5 cursed warrior every time charcter walking leave atking zone that deal periodic magic dmg to enemy skill with constand energy consuption well only this for now lel anyawy new map fosaken is beautiful and love forsaken story i make this char inspired by story at house of decay and house of wrath well only skill name though im struggle about skill effect jajaja
  4. what is this mean. remove quest easy-hard bg, garden and termite if yes im so happy
  5. dev make ranger bomb not disapear like beast trap not disapear when charcter die or crossing please also cant wait trying templar
  6. yes but water element druid, dog/bird charmer & skeltal necro not disapear when crossing or player dead also its about ranger trap
  7. please make explosive trap & slowing trap didnt disapear when charcter die or crossing. and also beast trap max with 40% cd only can put 3 trap i cant using skill again before 1 trap disapear
  8. so im try pvp with my brother when im using dark circle hes still atking me and still can using skill if he stay on center of dark circle r u guys nerf lock circle i think this not my connection maybe my brother say that too u wont get stunned if u stay on center. just want to know this is this a bug or u nerf this circle or maybe my connection
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