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  1. Я не думаю, что объявление об этом типе обновления, помимо релиза, полезно. Он сказал, что, будучи лидером, он наблюдал за более чем 40 игроками, ожидающими обновления, чтобы действительно играть и вкладывать средства в желаемый класс. Выстрел в ногу. I don't think announcing this type of update, beyond the release, is helpful. He said that being a leader, he watched over 40 players waiting for the update to really play and invest in the desired class. Shot in the foot. Não acho que anunciar esse tipo de atualização, além do lançamento, seja útil. Disse que sendo um líder, vigiava mais de 40 jogadores aguardando a atualização para realmente jogar e investir na classe desejada. Um tiro no pé.
  2. nice, agree! they need to rework how the set stacks for mages since stones and time distortion are both the main dmg source. And they don't help to stack it up, pretty lame..
  3. Vinagre

    Rework mage skill

    I think they want the mage to be more like a battlemage, or something like that... Just check the talents, crystalization? less damage for each target it hits? hm... so if you want the mage to be a glass cannon, at last let him do some high dmg b4 he dies..
  4. since we are getting an updates, just a friendly reminder of problems that we still have, and nothing has been done about...
  5. Vinagre

    Overload - Rework

    yea.. its really useless atm, even at 4/4 wont make 10% of total dps.
  6. First of all this in the EN section of the forum, please respect that. Second, that is an expert ability that gives low area dmg, and applies ''accuracy debuff'' we are suggesting a fireball with area burning effect or damage
  7. EN please. So now warlocks can cast fireballs? just wondering..
  8. Vinagre


    attack strenght depends of speed attack???? no! one stat will give one thing, other one will do another thing. Both make up for dps, but the point is to create a viable way to use 2h for pvp/pve. Any actual 2h build will suck compared to daggers. Any suggestion to bring 2h up for gameplay?
  9. Vinagre


    How about we add some type of resist/ like the BD's for seekers while they are on invisible? Maybe with a max stack of 1-3 debuffs, just to allow em to start a fight while invisible even if they have Castle potions or so? Make a way where the disappearance stun works even if they can see the seeker, maybe, just maybe seekers will be really viable for arenas and pvp!
  10. Vinagre


    For 2h weapons only, to make up the dmg from daggers, not to increase the overall dmg from daggers, just from 2h weapons... how it would be op? it would at last make it work as daggers are...
  11. Vinagre


    well, tell me any situation where 2h is better then 2 daggers? there is none... my purpose is to find a solution to make 2h viable at pvp and pve! any suggestion?
  12. Vinagre


    Please add some extra auto attack damage while using 2h weapons for exacerbation, so it makes viable option to use 2h on pvp/pve!!!
  13. Vinagre

    Rework mage skill

    Just to remember: hunters got a similar buff for the mountain instinct, it was solo atk speed, and they added penetration to it. So we dont need to change one effect for another, but add one more!
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