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  1. if you think about teamwork in dungeons and massive pvp fights, you have those..
  2. there are loads of mechanics on both sides, that make it even. The point is the main roles like i said, Area DMG, Scout, Archer dps, Tank. They all got it's better version on Sentinel side, am i wrong?
  3. But mobility wise give us anything , i mean anything that can reach the same objective in time. I do not care who gets there and how, as long it reaches the same distance at the same time as Sentinels can do it...
  4. If you want a scout, who will you pick? rogue how walks inv or seeker who run hell as fast? If you want an Area dps, who will you pick? lock with one week area dps skill or mage with massive area damage? If you want an Archer who will shot as many arrows who will you pick? the hunter with normal full speed, or the ranger witrh full speed and chance of doubleshot? If you want a tank, who will you pick? Dk with almost useless defencive skills or a GOD like warden that heals with block? You can argue: but wait locks are Area Control.... Pick mage control skill and paladin's, with a pre
  5. Better kit>more popular>popular side> imbalance.
  6. So be it, just make equal options in terms of teamwork.
  7. yea cant solve with that, need some equal thing in the class mechanics!!
  8. we all wish, this is one of the reasons there is a imbalance in gvgs and wars...
  9. Wish devs could take a look at this right now, since they are working with class updates now!
  10. Amazing feedback, that's why i'm here, we need to find a solution, the problem is there, but how to solve it? xD
  11. If you speak of removing or doing a copy from something, how come the seeker can be invisible if the rogues came first? that's a copy also, but he gets inv+speed+stun, rogues get inv+dmg, something may be missing!
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