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  1. Erta06

    TT hard help

    Done, ty a lot
  2. Erta06

    TT hard help

    Can someone help me to complete TT hard quest please? Character :Hopestrike lv :22 Clase:seeker Server:usa-saphire
  3. Well Mr pineapple ,was a nice tiny conversación.have a wonderfull day.
  4. When i see a pineapple, i imagine that .where you should be .
  5. yes ,check the mechanic of the game ,all the characters have passive less shaman, paladin , priest,necromancer and hunter .
  6. for me all is already balance ,i just waiting for paladin and priest pasive skills.it s not named 1vs1spear is war-spear. .
  7. i got it however ,one does the harm,and another bears the blame.Everybody don t have the same issue in a game,i just gave a solution in general.
  8. im talking about allies like (elfs and chossen) vs (forsaken and mc) meanwhile they are doing their quests in general .
  9. but not vs our allies
  10. ohh on this case just only the quest item
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