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  1. hahahaha nice video and gz
  2. ehhhh 40 seg cooldown for immune skill that have only max 6 seg of effect 4/4 and also is use it by clicking. mage can t use it if it s stuned .maybe could be 30 seg for the cooldown equipment and crystal......
  3. aigrind team made a real work they add it a exellent skill enoblement .it s usefull on landscape battle ,pvp,war and also in dungeons.Really this class have balance.but if they could reduce the cooldown time of enoblement like 20 seg or less it could be better. att:Alakazan lv 28 usa-saphire
  5. nice update, i have a query ... the visual effect of relic slow movement u already add it on this update ?
  6. lmao that too easy is just attack,agro,talk in party,agro,skills,agro,skill,agro,hey kill the adds ,agro
  7. lmao lv 3 agro where s the parry also u ll get parry either
  8. k ty now im sure these adds drops items
  9. peter on ingenier boss all mini bosses like cannons and portals have a red crown these adds drops items too?
  10. warspear give us free oblivion books?
  11. it s k other day could be
  12. you ll return the music on warspear game?
  13. was too fast lol