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  1. It would be used on GvGs and Wars (while also being useful on PvE) to remove the target of multiple enemies at the same time while also tanking or to deal a "fake AoE" damage at multiple enemies I tought it would be too op if the skill stunned the enemies Because the character would be too strong, so it would balance by making it use less skills. But since they would need to use it at 4/4 for it to be useful, i guess we can remove that There is Ranger's constant skill though But the focus of the skill wouldn't be actually to aggro mobs, just players The player could try to use it on PvE, but to aggro mobs, Death Call would be a lot better, it just wouldn't have the damage reduction effect
  2. Essa habilidade foi feita para os tanks, Paladinos com armas de duas mãos são DPS, se quiser bloqueio, use maça e escudo.
  3. It's also a good idea, I thought about this long cooldown because 1 minute with so much buff would be too much OP, so I wanted to give a cooldown equal to or greater than Necro's revive. But on second thought, a skill with constant mana consumption would also be good (or 5 minutes cooldown in 4/4). I was thinking that "Attack Mode" for this ability would be good for big events like GvG, wars, etc. And "Defense Mode" would be good anywhere, because of the damage reduction
  4. Stun não funciona em boss, mas em mob, talvez fosse útil, e se upasse o stun 3/5, já iria ajudar um pouco no PvP, já que teria 2 skills de stun.
  5. Dark March The character gets the Dark March buff, increasing movement speed, dealing physical damage to the enemies that the character passes through and leaving behind a trail of cursed fire that deals magical damage. The damage from this skill doesn't stop enemies. Skill with a constant energy consumption. Level by Level: 1/4: 2/4: 3/4: 4/4: In all levels: Animation: Dark March buff = A dark horse with a knight on the top. Since it would be too hard for develolers to adjust the character sprite in the top of the horse, during the effect, the character would be replaced by the default Death Knight Novice's costume, maybe just a bit more detailed. Cursed Fire Trail = Just... fire? Like Knight's Curse fire but purple or green so it wouldn't confuse the players.
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