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  1. Essa habilidade foi feita para os tanks, Paladinos com armas de duas mãos são DPS, se quiser bloqueio, use maça e escudo.
  2. It's also a good idea, I thought about this long cooldown because 1 minute with so much buff would be too much OP, so I wanted to give a cooldown equal to or greater than Necro's revive. But on second thought, a skill with constant mana consumption would also be good (or 5 minutes cooldown in 4/4). I was thinking that "Attack Mode" for this ability would be good for big events like GvG, wars, etc. And "Defense Mode" would be good anywhere, because of the damage reduction
  3. Stun não funciona em boss, mas em mob, talvez fosse útil, e se upasse o stun 3/5, já iria ajudar um pouco no PvP, já que teria 2 skills de stun. 🙂
  4. Even if the update was released recently, i would like to leave a suggestion of a new skill for the Death Knight, since he is a Knight. Possibly it would be good to bring it in a update that included level 36 or even 40 (that is, in the very distant future). Dark Cavalry Constant Mana Consumption: 9-11-13-15 The Knight summons a Dark Horse, and enters the Mounted State. Mounted State: Movement speed increased by 50% When using one handed weapons and a shield: Can't attack. Damage received decreased by 35-45-55-65%.
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