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  1. Thinking out loud...The rise and inevitable fall of Templars.... Hopefully the entire class is revamped in future.. (P.S: I know its a silly rant and out of context.....)
  2. And just to add, I feel there will be not much changes to the energy costs for Templar. So I would suggest having 250+ Energy pool and High energy regen. Though this will cause one to lower other needed stats. Just to wish to add my thoughts on the rotation. Its mainly built with Mace & shield play style. I hope in the near future, the action bar slots are increased. I mostly play on pc. Though time to time on a mobile. Above is how I place my skills. 1 to 5 holds the skills frequently used, The rest based on usage and such. Grace has to be
  3. Well it has been a good round of tests. Assuming tomorrow is the update...Here are my thoughts on the build I will likely pursue in general with DPS and Survivability in mind. To note, the below build is based on my gear and play style. Its not by any chance an optimum build. Its only for reference. One Hand Melee & Shield - Lv 32 Build | Physical mace with magic as secondary stat. Base enchant is also magic. Armor, gloves, belt, accessories all add magic bonus. Basic: Blame - 1/5 | Whirlwind of Repentance - 5/5 | Reverse Flow - 3/5 | Grace - 5/5 | Comba
  4. Quoting your statement - "I'd like to end this amicably.". And I have re-edited my post.
  5. I have tested it. My magic with mace (Grace included) is around 591. 1/4 was about 527. 4/4 about 827. (Rough figures, as I recall). So it can be inferred, comparing the stats, each level increases the heal value by 100 units.
  6. Well Gvg is not only about mc vs elf. Guilds in the same faction often fight each other too. So to answer, this is experienced by everyone. Overall, there are number of ways to counter such a scenario for mc side with warlocks, shaman and other classes. It may be hard, but not impossible.
  7. Just want to add...Movement skill debuff is more or less useless against ranged targets, unless they are trying to kite. So I observed that if I use Onslaught as an opener, in arena, all active experts enter the default global cooldown. In that window, the only stun skill to use would be 'Reverse flow'. However, it does take a bit of time to place at the right position and it may break the dps rotation, as it will throw the target away.
  8. Tested the new expert skills on Test server and few other class changes. Here are my thoughts: (Not tested much with the staff. Prefer mace and shield mostly.) Power of the Heaven - The skill description's stats are not very clear when you level it to 4/4. However, its good overall based on hp and block rate increase. It has few issues however. The energy it consumes during combat is a lot. Especially when paired with Merman gear skills. When you activate it, it does not fill up the difference in hp instantly. This can be a detriment during arena. Finally animation wise, which is mo
  9. Well I think the new experts for Templar is very good compared to my initial impression. And the concern on this has been addressed - "For absolutely all skills of the Chieftain and Templar reduced energy consumption.". 🙂
  10. My thoughts.... Current templar is a Control-support. So now it can tank, with aggression skill. I am wondering if the movement debuff from the gap closer skill will stack with Whirlwind's. Though the skill will rarely be used for staff users. On the 'Health & block' active skill, assuming its the "skill with constant energy consumption", I was hoping it be Stun and CD/Accuracy. Though I assume, Stun may most likely be for staff. On the elemental skill....Well it looks to be a Melee pet. However, I am not sure if it matches the 'Story lore' behind the Templar class.
  11. Is it? I doubt that. As the skill does Aoe damage. Only debuffs are Movement speed and accuracy reduction, as given in skill description below. Unless there is a penetration relic equipped along with high penetration stat.
  12. Finished farming Lv 29 Arena gear. Based on different modes of arena, I feel the current build is optimal for Templar Based on Level 32 skill points with "One hand mace + shield" Arena/Territory Wars - Basic: Blame - 1/5 | Whirlwind of Repentance - 5/5 | Reverse Flow - 3/5 | Grace - 5/5 | Combat Support - 1/5 Expert: Harad's Teachings - 4/4 | Touch of Truth - 4/4 | Mantra of Healing - 1/4 | Deity Statue - 1/4 | Forbidden Trick/Sucker Punch - 4/4 Returning to PVE aspect, while I await, the next Templar class update, based on party play which is needed for
  13. Well, its been a while since the update. Just a bit of intro before, getting into the builds suggestions - Currently at Level 30. Done a lot of game content - PVE, Arena, Territory wars, Dungeons and Sea events. I started to enjoy the class once I had equipped Level 26+ gear. In the end, from my perspective, the class is reliant on good gear, amplification and enhancements to really make a difference...a general rule anyway. Moving on, Tested it with pure Physical, Pure magical and Mixed damage builds. I feel in the end Mixed damage is the best in the current meta.
  14. I think Chieftain is fine. You can get stun if you use the right gear and crystals. If that does not work out, you could partner with a warlock, etc in arena who can offset the lack of control. Also I really wish to know, why you think Templar is good in PVE, with the above image, when compared with Chieftain?
  15. Just to add, the stats and suitable relics are nicely given in this post. Use the translator in Chrome browser for better clarity.
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