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  1. Thinking out loud...The rise and inevitable fall of Templars.... Hopefully the entire class is revamped in future.. (P.S: I know its a silly rant and out of context.....)
  2. And just to add, I feel there will be not much changes to the energy costs for Templar. So I would suggest having 250+ Energy pool and High energy regen. Though this will cause one to lower other needed stats. Just to wish to add my thoughts on the rotation. Its mainly built with Mace & shield play style. I hope in the near future, the action bar slots are increased. I mostly play on pc. Though time to time on a mobile. Above is how I place my skills. 1 to 5 holds the skills frequently used, The rest based on usage and such. Grace has to be always active, be it Dps or healing. So always keep it where its easy to spam it. There is no particular order for PVE. Its based on your gameplay and such. I have placed Onslaught and Vortex close to each other. As I have been trying to ensure Vortex is placed immediately where the cursor points to when I click the target, the moment I charge. It may be hard for mobile users, given the screen-shifts and such. So to summarize, as far as arena is concerned, this is the approach I am currently taking...Activate Grace and Power of Heaven after being teleported to the arena.. Onslaught>>Vortex>>Sucker Punch>>Whirlwind>>Touch of Silence/Elemental (Assuming you have not died after the charge )>>Blame or other skills. Anyway there are always lot of variables in arena, rotation vary based on that. So just do what you can.
  3. Well it has been a good round of tests. Assuming tomorrow is the update...Here are my thoughts on the build I will likely pursue in general with DPS and Survivability in mind. To note, the below build is based on my gear and play style. Its not by any chance an optimum build. Its only for reference. One Hand Melee & Shield - Lv 32 Build | Physical mace with magic as secondary stat. Base enchant is also magic. Armor, gloves, belt, accessories all add magic bonus. Basic: Blame - 1/5 | Whirlwind of Repentance - 5/5 | Reverse Flow - 3/5 | Grace - 5/5 | Combat Support - 1/5 Expert: Harad's Teachings - 1/4 | Touch of Truth - 1/4 | Mantra of Healing - 1/4 | Deity Statue - 1/4 | Forbidden Trick/Sucker Punch - 4/4 | Power of Heaven - 1/4 | Particle of Life - 4/4 | Branded by the Sun - 4/4 | Onslaught - 1/4 Reason (Skill details in no particular order): The build is focused on burst dps and healing via Branded by Sun. My gear is mostly composed of Horror weapons and accessories. So I generally have 20 to 30% of 'Steal health' bonus. "Branded by Sun" vs 'Passive' - Templar at the time of release, was based on Stun. Stun procs were needed to heal. Stuns are not very reliable as they tend to get resisted. I was hoping, there was a passive to improve the stun rate and lessen the chance of resist. Nevertheless, one has to work with what one has. Granted "Branded by Sun" may not be very reliable in party, if someone's auto attack is quicker. However, solo wise and group party wise, it improves the overall healing. And it has a short cooldown. The stigma lasts for 12 seconds at 4/4. Unlike the RNG involved in stun proc heals. So in terms of On demand healing, the aggro skill is better than the passive. "Whirlwind of Repentance" is very useful. Its the only AOE skill for Templars. Can reduce accuracy and movement speed. Blame is better with staff. "Reverse flow" needed, for escape, control or PVP. Ensure you have a relic, which increases the base targets for arena. "Grace", always needed for higher damage/heal. "Combat support"...Not very useful in terms of sustainability, Can be used as an emergency shield and movement. Though given the limited action bar slots...I might disregard it. "Touch of truth", useful in arena. Not much use in PVE unless paired with Blame for the stun. "Mantra of healing" - It has some utility use now. I just use it for emergency healing. Be careful if you are using it on someone else, lest they accuse you of trolling them. "Deity Statue" - This needs to be improved. It hardly gives any good damage mitigation overall. The only thing is to use it as a decoy when passing a zone. "Sucker Punch" - Have to be careful when being around a mage with this. But overall, its a great damaging skill for Physical dps. "Power of Heaven" - Well naming aside...the skill does not deliver much from my opinion, unless, my gear is built like a Warden. The thing is Block stat is for warden, not for Templar. Our passive is built on stuns, as pointed earlier. Health bonus is also not much, based on the gear I have. Also it consumes a lot of energy. As such I feel its better to rely on Merman gear buffs. 'Thirst for life' is a much better damage mitigation skill for PVE. (To be noted, given the short supply of Merman gears and high cost, not everyone may get it at present.) And just for those unfamiliar with the skill I am stating, its this one: And just to add, I am yet to purchase the armour and gloves, needed for "Crushing Will" from Merman Cloth gear. So I hope someone can post their thoughts on using it with Templar. As for as staff users, the penetration is useful...Though Templars are neither mages nor priests...So I am not sure, how it helps them in the long run, given the skills they have now. "Particle of Life" - As explained in previous posts is great for any build. Though to note, as its pet based, expect it to stray away sometimes, after killing the primary target. "Onslaught" - A good gap closer. Explained well in previous posts. Staff Build - Lv 32 Unfortunately, I have no idea where the staff game-play is heading. Perhaps it was made to add a sort of balance to Charmer...well its not working out, from my perspective. Basic: Blame - 5/5 | Whirlwind of Repentance - 1/5 | Reverse Flow - 3/5 | Grace - 5/5 | Combat Support - 1/5 Expert: Particle of Life - 4/4 | Remaining 6 points - Whatever suits one's needs... Currently its just a single target dps. When the pet is active, in terms of dps...its just the old rotation...Grace-Blame...
  4. Quoting your statement - "I'd like to end this amicably.". And I have re-edited my post.
  5. I have tested it. My magic with mace (Grace included) is around 591. 1/4 was about 527. 4/4 about 827. (Rough figures, as I recall). So it can be inferred, comparing the stats, each level increases the heal value by 100 units.
  6. Well Gvg is not only about mc vs elf. Guilds in the same faction often fight each other too. So to answer, this is experienced by everyone. Overall, there are number of ways to counter such a scenario for mc side with warlocks, shaman and other classes. It may be hard, but not impossible.
  7. Just want to add...Movement skill debuff is more or less useless against ranged targets, unless they are trying to kite. So I observed that if I use Onslaught as an opener, in arena, all active experts enter the default global cooldown. In that window, the only stun skill to use would be 'Reverse flow'. However, it does take a bit of time to place at the right position and it may break the dps rotation, as it will throw the target away.
  8. Tested the new expert skills on Test server and few other class changes. Here are my thoughts: (Not tested much with the staff. Prefer mace and shield mostly.) Power of the Heaven - The skill description's stats are not very clear when you level it to 4/4. However, its good overall based on hp and block rate increase. It has few issues however. The energy it consumes during combat is a lot. Especially when paired with Merman gear skills. When you activate it, it does not fill up the difference in hp instantly. This can be a detriment during arena. Finally animation wise, which is more of a personal opinion, it does not sync well with Merman gear buff and the orange circle from Deity statue. Particle of Life - The skill is very good. 4/4 all the way. No complaints on this one. Branded by the Sun - It has very good range when maxed. However, the heal works like secret link of druid. Lower the hp, higher the heal. The amount of healing done is great. Onslaught - Good Gap closer with 6 yards range. Good damage. I would just leave it at 1/4. Personally, I can't help but wish there was a stun or silence, instead of movement debuff, which is just 15% at base level and 30% at max level. Though I understand, this opinion will draw criticism. Anyway, have to be careful with this, if the opponent players have a radius relic equipped on skills that can be applied beyond 6 yards. Energy costs - I feel the changes done on the energy costs need to re-looked at. Not finding much difference. For example consider the below skill - Whirlwind of Repentance (Aoe skill). In the current meta it has 28 units as energy consumption at 5/5. However, in test its just 25 units. Overall comparing all basic skill energy costs, the consumption has reduced only by 2 or 3 points. On experts, I have observed the energy cost remain same as before.
  9. Well I think the new experts for Templar is very good compared to my initial impression. And the concern on this has been addressed - "For absolutely all skills of the Chieftain and Templar reduced energy consumption.".
  10. My thoughts.... Current templar is a Control-support. So now it can tank, with aggression skill. I am wondering if the movement debuff from the gap closer skill will stack with Whirlwind's. Though the skill will rarely be used for staff users. On the 'Health & block' active skill, assuming its the "skill with constant energy consumption", I was hoping it be Stun and CD/Accuracy. Though I assume, Stun may most likely be for staff. On the elemental skill....Well it looks to be a Melee pet. However, I am not sure if it matches the 'Story lore' behind the Templar class. Anyway the energy costs for overall gameplay along with Merman gear buffs, makes me wonder if I will be spamming energy potions again.
  11. Is it? I doubt that. As the skill does Aoe damage. Only debuffs are Movement speed and accuracy reduction, as given in skill description below. Unless there is a penetration relic equipped along with high penetration stat.
  12. Finished farming Lv 29 Arena gear. Based on different modes of arena, I feel the current build is optimal for Templar Based on Level 32 skill points with "One hand mace + shield" Arena/Territory Wars - Basic: Blame - 1/5 | Whirlwind of Repentance - 5/5 | Reverse Flow - 3/5 | Grace - 5/5 | Combat Support - 1/5 Expert: Harad's Teachings - 4/4 | Touch of Truth - 4/4 | Mantra of Healing - 1/4 | Deity Statue - 1/4 | Forbidden Trick/Sucker Punch - 4/4 Returning to PVE aspect, while I await, the next Templar class update, based on party play which is needed for efficient clearing of Horror dungeons, I felt the Deity Statue (4/4) is more reliable for group play in dungeons. Since most mobs just auto attack. Mantra of healing is rarely used, by me, when paired with life steal accessories/enchants and heals from stun procs.
  13. Well, its been a while since the update. Just a bit of intro before, getting into the builds suggestions - Currently at Level 30. Done a lot of game content - PVE, Arena, Territory wars, Dungeons and Sea events. I started to enjoy the class once I had equipped Level 26+ gear. In the end, from my perspective, the class is reliant on good gear, amplification and enhancements to really make a difference...a general rule anyway. Moving on, Tested it with pure Physical, Pure magical and Mixed damage builds. I feel in the end Mixed damage is the best in the current meta. Pure Physical - High damage (Able to to do 5.5k+ damage with Sucker punch) at the cost of low 'Stun heals' Pure magical - Blame does really high damage, However that's the only magic dps skill. You miss out on other physical dps skills. Stun heals are high, Especially when they crit. Based on Level 30 skill points with "One hand mace + shield" Arena/Territory Wars - Quite a number of players have some degree of resist stat. Barbarian, Blade dancer, Mage (and maybe other classes) have the resistance active skill, that resist a lot of our stuns/debuff. So its all about timing. Touch of truth (aka yellow tile skill) provides a 7 sec silence at 4/4, however its too situational and takes up time to set up. Basic: Blame - 1/5 | Whirlwind of Repentance - 5/5 | Reverse Flow - 5/5 | Grace - 5/5 | Combat Support - 1/5 Expert: Harad's Teachings - 4/4 | Touch of Truth - 1/4 | Mantra of Healing - 1/4 | Deity Statue - 1/4 | Forbidden Trick/Sucker Punch - 4/4 To note, if one has the Cooldown (CD) stat of at least 70% its possible to spam Deity Statue, Combat Support and Reverse flow (aka Vortex) skills. PVE: Same as one as that in the first post. I feel max Grace is important in any build. Ensure you have either the below relic equipped to always have it up or a high CD. Vortex can be maxed as its a great tool to escape from mobs in sea or other hostiles. (Though do keep a healer minion, in case stuns are resisted in dungeons) DPS Variant: From a pure dps perspective, I am testing the below, as Vortex does not last long. Has a High chance to be resisted in most end game content. Just maxing out all that do either physical or magical damage. Basic: Blame - 5/5 | Whirlwind of Repentance - 5/5 | Reverse Flow - 1/5 | Grace - 5/5 | Combat Support - 1/5 Expert: Harad's Teachings - 4/4 | Touch of Truth - 1/4 | Mantra of Healing - 1/4 | Deity Statue - 1/4 | Forbidden Trick/Sucker Punch - 4/4
  14. I think Chieftain is fine. You can get stun if you use the right gear and crystals. If that does not work out, you could partner with a warlock, etc in arena who can offset the lack of control. Also I really wish to know, why you think Templar is good in PVE, with the above image, when compared with Chieftain?
  15. Just to add, the stats and suitable relics are nicely given in this post. Use the translator in Chrome browser for better clarity.
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