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There should be restriction when choosing our expert skill.Something like a pattern of what you want your class become.To balance each class,the requirement to have access to each expert skill is different.


For example:bds can't have both shield and counter skill together,Shaman must level up earth protection to lvl 3 to have access to lightning shield,Necro must have at least lvl 3 nightmare to access mental pit,druid's secret link can only be learned if root is below lvl 4.Well...I think you got the point.

Basically depend on what basic skill you put your skill point on will detemine what expert skill you will got.


A more detail example would be like this.

I am a bd lvl 26.I have 15 skill points.To have access to expert skill I must spend 10 skill points.I want counter attack expert.The requirement would be flash strike on 5 and hamstring on 5.So I choose FS 5,hamstring 5 and I choose parry 3.Now I got access to expert so I put 3 skill point to max counter skill.I got 2 skill points left and I want other expert.I want shield.The requirement would be sap 5 and parry 5.I don't have enough skill point so I can't get shield.I choose other expert.So I choose "power of blade".The requirement are FS 5 and hamstring 5.I buy it and put 2 skill point into it.I want other expert and I choose sonic boom which need FS 4,parry 3 and mustn't have "power of blade" skill.Can't learn it so I choose rush which need hamstring 3 and parry 3.I learn it and left it at level 1.

Well.. its just an example.


That's all,if I make a mistake pls correct me and thank you.


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It's a nice idea, a load of MMOs have it.


But it's not good for WS, as there aren't that many

skills. It just wouldn't work.


Rather than that there could be "amateur skills",

skills which are something between basic and expert

skills. You'd make build trees with basic ones to access

certain amateur ones, expert ones would be aviable totally.

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yes skill tree would be nice when there are too many of skills , guiding the players building up their chars. but here,the skills are less . hence there would'nt be a lot of confusion in understanding the skill mechanics and distributing skill points among them :dirol:

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I like this idea.


It would, of course, "trap" the player :pleasantry: . When you have chosen the skill path you can want to go, you can't go an other way. If you have chosen the tank path with a bd, you can't go the damage path.

But we would avoid some bloody shocking skillbuilds. We wouldn't see priests dressed in killer clown costumes being some bloody killers. :cray:  :nea:  :shok:  :mega_shok:


Some people say, that it don't fit in the game. Maybe they're right. But it's also my opinion when it comes to dungeons, crafting, minions, expert skills and the new stats (Stun, rage, lifesteal, agility and retribution) and maybe some other things. The new things (Together with school) made me do a year long break. While I still don't like many of those things (Especially expert skills), then I still accepted it. :drinks:

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