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  1. There should be restriction when choosing our expert skill.Something like a pattern of what you want your class become.To balance each class,the requirement to have access to each expert skill is different. For example:bds can't have both shield and counter skill together,Shaman must level up earth protection to lvl 3 to have access to lightning shield,Necro must have at least lvl 3 nightmare to access mental pit,druid's secret link can only be learned if root is below lvl 4.Well...I think you got the point. Basically depend on what basic skill you put your skill point on will detemine wh
  2. This might be a little weird but this is what I did back when I'm 17.The way I convince my parents to buy me a Gaming PC is I promise it won't disturb my school and play it for 2 hours everyday at max except Sunday.That's all I did.
  3. Try your luck by opening event chest but don't spend all your gold unless you want to start from zero.
  4. I personally doesn't like the idea(no offensive ).The reason is we don't want guild tournament turn to "who abuse the system most gonna win" right? I mean people can use robot or something to repeat the same thing and he/she doesn't even need to be there to obtain gp.There are reason why exp point are only obtainable through daily quest. Well,my idea is to make a special daily quest that give you fat GP(only GP but alot) by killing enemy faction.We got hunting enemy to get CC,so making this is more realistic and 1 time quest/per day will prevent people to abuse the system.So let say if yo
  5. 5/5 heal,barkskin,and root.You can tank,heal,support,kite,basically anything.
  6. Fact #64 This game used to be pay to play Fact #65 We used to be able to make a party of 8 people. Fact #66 Rogue stealth is the skill which take the most tweak(nerf,nerf,nerf) Fact #67 When first introduce,you can actually see your class second and third class job in the skill tab.For example,rogue > thief > assassin. Fact #68 We used rank system (bronze,silver,maybe gold too) until 4500 exp cap then level system was introduce. Fact #69 After Norlant Swamp was introduce,there are alot of drastically drop on price of item which recently only obtainable through astral labyri
  7. 3 parameters?Mmm...Let me guess.Skill level,Magic attack value and Hero level?
  8. What's on your MinD? Who cares?

  9. Keep your outdated gears and use them while doing daily quest = OK Sell them to shop for 800g = FAIL
  10. So I would like to ask devs if they can make a summoning skills.I mean the expert skill that we got is mostly the same.Damage,heal,buff and debuff.What is missing is summoning skills.You know something like necro summon zombie for 15 secs that act somehow like minions. If its impossible,I would also love to know why
  11. Ehm...sir,there is no screenshot.You must be forgetting something.
  12. Have you try leveling it?If you was talking bout level 1 skill then you should try to put some point in it. IMO they remove the push effect to balance druid.With so many stunning skill,I don't think it a big deal.They reduce the cooldown drastically anyways.
  13. Thats what I thought.Idk why people call it a 1v1 potion.More like last man standing.
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