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  1. I wonder how AdyWijaya managed to acquire josyvan's multi tasking pic
  2. His question was " WHY ?"
  3. what surprises me is...how come a new trading system be introduced to the game when the older mechanism was PERFECT . why cant the players get the privilege of older system?. roland might be true , asking us to be extra careful while trading. but when such flaw exists in newer trading system, new comers become easy prey for the scammers . does this take the game forward ? how can ws leave newbies to scammers?. they simply quit after getting scammed.does'nt that affect the game's revenue ?
  4. you get 9 hotkeys while on mobile too , by tilting your fone horizontally
  5. yes a new option addition would be ideal. keeping on ignoring people would not be a better approach. thats what i feel
  6. 3/5 word power >>> is it enough to drain away the opponent's total energy? if yes >> for what amount of time??
  7. its a simple equation MONEY = TIME = MONEY spend money to get strong faster or do not spend a single buck but spend lots of time to get stronger in both cases u lose money because much valuable time is wasted. but...... if u manage your valuable time properly and play in your free time , get stronger even after a long time .....you get the real joy and satisfaction because you wasted nothing really
  8. yes skill tree would be nice when there are too many of skills , guiding the players building up their chars. but here,the skills are less . hence there would'nt be a lot of confusion in understanding the skill mechanics and distributing skill points among them
  9. heya warspear. I downloaded ws from play store and istalled it . I couldn't log into the game with any of my character.It keeps loading for eternity.Tried to download from ws website n installed ,yet the same situation. I could log in to my acc, but couldn't make a game entry with any char.my os is android 5.1 lollipop.kindly look into it.thank you.
  10. good observation@ shil . thanks to nos and mailli .
  11. does anyone know how this works?? if yes , please explain how the stats get same for level 22 crafted 1h axes +10 and level 23 1h axes +10 ??
  12. u can login with 1 char at once per device. so u want to login with 10 chars ....u need 10 devices
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