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  1. I wonder how AdyWijaya managed to acquire josyvan's multi tasking pic
  2. His question was " WHY ?"
  3. what surprises me is...how come a new trading system be introduced to the game when the older mechanism was PERFECT . why cant the players get the privilege of older system?. roland might be true , asking us to be extra careful while trading. but when such flaw exists in newer trading system, new comers become easy prey for the scammers . does this take the game forward ? how can ws leave newbies to scammers?. they simply quit after getting scammed.does'nt that affect the game's revenue ?
  4. you get 9 hotkeys while on mobile too , by tilting your fone horizontally
  5. yes a new option addition would be ideal. keeping on ignoring people would not be a better approach. thats what i feel
  6. 3/5 word power >>> is it enough to drain away the opponent's total energy? if yes >> for what amount of time??
  7. its a simple equation MONEY = TIME = MONEY spend money to get strong faster or do not spend a single buck but spend lots of time to get stronger in both cases u lose money because much valuable time is wasted. but...... if u manage your valuable time properly and play in your free time , get stronger even after a long time .....you get the real joy and satisfaction because you wasted nothing really
  8. yes skill tree would be nice when there are too many of skills , guiding the players building up their chars. but here,the skills are less . hence there would'nt be a lot of confusion in understanding the skill mechanics and distributing skill points among them
  9. heya warspear. I downloaded ws from play store and istalled it . I couldn't log into the game with any of my character.It keeps loading for eternity.Tried to download from ws website n installed ,yet the same situation. I could log in to my acc, but couldn't make a game entry with any char.my os is android 5.1 lollipop.kindly look into it.thank you.
  10. does anyone know how this works?? if yes , please explain how the stats get same for level 22 crafted 1h axes +10 and level 23 1h axes +10 ??
  11. u can login with 1 char at once per device. so u want to login with 10 chars ....u need 10 devices
  12. rogue's stealth is skill where he is INVISIBLE to others . The topic is about transparent appearance to others by wearing a certain costume. LIKE DINALT
  13. please give " PARAMETERS:NONE " to atleast some equipments / weapons of higher levels
  14. why a summon scroll ? why not permanent npc interface button like miracle shop?? it saves a lot of time :
  15. Is selling / buying / trading of guilds for gold / equipment legal ??
  16. one more extra rank in guild system would solve all this chaos. Let there be the new rank " OWNER " ,where the creator of guild shall own this title. owner owns the guild cos he creates it . guild ownership CANNOT be transferred to others. but he can appoint a leader to run in his stead or ws can transfer leadership to whomever eligible during his absence for 2 weeks. but a leader can never become a owner . once the owner re enters ws , his guild shall be in his control again .this system would also stop people from selling guilds in game. yes its unfair when someone wastes lots of money in creating and upgrading a guild , and somehow could'nt log in for 2 weeks , finds himself shocked once he logs in and notices that he is kicked out of his own guild . guild leadership system now is more complicated .
  17. amplifying system success rate is random and i think its good thing to maintain balance. a poor player can get +10 amplification too : 1) he must be extremely lucky to reach +10 with less signs or 2) he must play ws with patience for a longer duration
  18. 5 chests are crap . no unique gift in each chest. all i get is a single smile. this isnt fair .i was expecting costume, skin bla bla bla . but wat i got is coktail s and powercards. this is cheating
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