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  1. 1)get a job 2)spend time and earn money 3)buy coins and be rich 1)start farming 2)spend time and earn gold 3)be rich
  2. no magic:low heal low banner dmg low call dmg low seal dmg low foj combo dmg.
  3. wild sets are on norlant. I never saw them drop at irselnort. Maybe they drop idk hydra drops rarely
  4. do some swords and axes.. sell them in market and earn back your license gold. You can profit too.
  5. did you guys change your skill build? i was thinking 5heal 4quake 4blind, 4heal totem and 3normal totem. I want to be a good supporter so maybe 1totem and 3ancestors hand? BUT is ancestors hand good? And is 4/4 heal totem a good idea? 4quake is for kiting melees, running in lab and dgs and for the damage. I will mostly do dgs boss hunts, but sometimes pvp,arena too.
  6. how much dmg does it absorb at each lvl?
  7. i think the +1000heal thing is awesome but yeah missing out on other skills and its not guarantee.
  8. http://ws-db.ru/calculator?code=4uvdkRuiHHVYBt/1pRIYfNdXrJK4S2qGg6SBXgTIUQ0NecyT3zP/3/___YFmF1qkPnxck7uPU2CPAg93mRhDwYaFPpnGfdouBE2t4jKU9JYSpvmetMKLYpedC7mGapaZbW971PMbwarHwX1SAs8Bt9rNaknRbYGsWXDB1nHWTyc6SE3Dlh3OS5FSBIe6vDp/9OMiB742ZkOCZLJriK/FheAgeRvxR9cev3vxxbTD72yGouvMbCrvACeVVnUW5st3NzMD2TxUY8k6HixAkziTWQ03xCjVBJVIU74mnewmRJVckuJT0j2BlwW9MtmSz7FGpz9Ovclbp9N7n8DZoIvHlgakHMdqf0xDzXQBx1bzEuIyHuc7ebTfLeD0a0zZuyaZg5jkDAawnCzUl8PGBtc7N8H37f752M8I0x3wysOaVYAwQ9Acte2Ac= 324 life regen with guild skill 250 without i heard its 10x life regen on 4/4? , which gives us 324/2=162×10=3x1620heal in 15 seconds. without guild skill, 3x1250heal in 15seconds. in combat mode.
  9. it works on resources i think
  10. =less potions used=less potion sold=less money for aigrind
  11. how many times does it heal? and how fast?
  12. anyone wanna share some stats?
  13. bladedancer sucks now. We still have the worst expert skills. The new skill better add 300dmg atleast.
  14. i still vote for a sheet with 2 holes on it
  15. collect your boss quests, daily quests and give them with exp pot
  16. this is ridiculous lol. btw does the extra shield that comes on 4/4 have the same stats?
  17. it should be higher lol. 400dmg absorbed with 7k def? pfff it should go higher a bit
  18. block works against all attacks its your call actually but i prefer block enchants because if you can block you will get of all the damage of that attack. With def rune maybe 1-2dmg each attack. I do not use block rings though, you lose some good stats, they have mana,life regen and stuff.
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