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[2015.09.15] ATTENTION! Changes in daily quests


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Important information! Starting from now, players of 24 level can not complete daily quests on Irselnort any longer. Daily quests for Crimson Corundums that doesn't provide you with experience are still available for everyone.

Thank you for attention!

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So the people who spent money on Miracle Coins to buy quest items, so that they can stack up quests for the update, just wasted their money...

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Correction :) even with the swamps being still present,

it will be hard to gain exp or whatsoever, hence

quests in Irselnort are disabled for 24s, Ayvo is now

jammed with players, and one can barely quest.


Quest mobs and items are being stolen and I'm just

running around, trying to get at least one q done.


Hope this won't he happening im the comming days and


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