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[2014.10.27] Guild tournament #42 results


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Hello there, brave warriors of Arinar!


Monday is the best day to announce our guild tournament results, but Tuesday is also good enough.

Here what we have fron 42nd tournament:


1. SiThLoRdS (503175 exp)

2. RedISDead (266687 exp)

3. THEMERCS (179916 exp)


SiThLoRdS can't exist without tournament win for too long, once again they're first! RedISDead with a solid perfomance got their second palce, THEMERCS is near, third place is their reward.



1. AoA (707150 exp)

2. perfectElf (594398 exp)

3. SINERGIA (545690 exp)


What about AoA? Yes, they're on their regular position. And perfectElf had a great rivalry with SINERGIA, they won, but it was helluva fight.



1. DEVILS (212216 exp)

2. ZrongvietZ (124761 exp)

3. FAMILY (110735 exp)


DEVILS won the tournament in true devil style, ZrongvietZ just got enough to overcome third placed FAMILY, good tournament for your, guys.



1. APOCALIPSE (330549 exp)

2. RIP (307213 exp)

3. Tourmaline (151740 exp)


Everything is alright with APOCALIPSE guild, their fierce rivalry with RIP ended with a win, Tourmaline calmly took their bronze medals, because they can :)


Russian servers results are below:



1. DarkEmpire (768642 exp)

2. Sanktum (493409 exp)

3. Hexepace (320434 exp)



1. Cmapuku (590070 exp)

2. Tampliers (481538 exp)

3. Sky (222309 exp)



1. Nuclear (833747 exp)

2. EMERALD (463935 exp)

3. Otmorozkix (389456 exp)


And that's a tournament number 42, congratulation to all warirriors, you're awesome as usual, good luck in the future battles!


Take care,


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Epic front picture as always, this one looks awesome! Congrats to all, especially those who didn't get into the leaderboard.



Perfect, guarantee there was going to be hundreds of people spamming this topic about it. All Silenced!

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Congrats everyone!


[spoiler=For r0land]Thanks for posting our topic after 16h. 11m. 12 seconds of rus' topic :


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