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  1. zaibax

    Gold guide!

    I think it's a waste of time to farm on first islands, Irselnort got old too, so my suggestion would be to reach atleast Irselnort, but the best would be Ayvondil, because farming in Ayvondil is the most decent. You should level up your first character to the maximum, and then create other characters for staying lower levels, so that way you could farm with your high level character, and earn the most gold.
  2. zaibax

    Gold guide!

    I don't recommend to farm in first islands. I used to farm in aivondyl.
  3. zaibax

    Gold guide!

    If someone have brains, he will know how to keep his economy good.
  4. zaibax

    Gold guide!

    Miracle coins? I had 10k gold and bought the set of chests where the charmer have been, and I MADE money, not LOST.
  5. zaibax

    Gold guide!

    Try opening some surprise chests, you can be lucky and get some costumes. I decided to open some chests today and it's my second time when i'm getting Dragon Charmer, which is nearly 500k worth.
  6. zaibax

    Gold guide!

    This place is on the right side of ayvondil, here mobs attack alone. I get 6k/hour by farming these, so guys think about it, somone just get 6k playing all day
  7. zaibax

    Labas Lietuva

    mires warspear jau yra, nera tolko ieskot konors
  8. zaibax

    Gold guide!

    its your choice where to sell, and yes you can farm with 400 dmg
  9. zaibax


    lol new players are new players
  10. zaibax


    idk ws getting like a desert, you're lucky if you meet someone important
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