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  1. Hello administrators, I want to ask if you could restore some of the items (sold in shop, not to people) of my old character. Firstly, someone took access to it then sold all of it's items to shop and then deleted the character. So I want to ask if you could help me and restore some of the best items that are sold probably few years ago. You could just take the amount of gold from my character that it received from selling those items, even if the balance would become negative. I am willing to restore that deleted character if you could help me. Thanks.
  2. zaibax

    Help please!

    Oh shoot, it's 20 euros for one character. I can't leave my kids with empty mouths! I guess my passion will decay..
  3. zaibax

    Help please!

    Hello fellow WarSpear community and staff. I'm here for actually a very big request. I was playing this game for a very long time, built strong relationships with some people, have very warm memories of the times. Once in a while I came across this place and wanted to get back into action, but sadly, most of my old and beloved characters were deleted. Not gonna lie, it's not me who deleted them, but it's either my relatives who had acces to my account or by any possible chance- strangers. If only you could spare my affection to my nostalgic characters and recover atleast some of them, I would be more than happy. For addition, I shared my guide with this community, which is (I think) the most viewed guide on the forum, it's very old now, but I hope you will take it as a return. Best regards, Zaibax
  4. I think it's a waste of time to farm on first islands, Irselnort got old too, so my suggestion would be to reach atleast Irselnort, but the best would be Ayvondil, because farming in Ayvondil is the most decent. You should level up your first character to the maximum, and then create other characters for staying lower levels, so that way you could farm with your high level character, and earn the most gold.
  5. I don't recommend to farm in first islands. I used to farm in aivondyl.
  6. If someone have brains, he will know how to keep his economy good.
  7. Miracle coins? I had 10k gold and bought the set of chests where the charmer have been, and I MADE money, not LOST.
  8. Try opening some surprise chests, you can be lucky and get some costumes. I decided to open some chests today and it's my second time when i'm getting Dragon Charmer, which is nearly 500k worth.
  9. This place is on the right side of ayvondil, here mobs attack alone. I get 6k/hour by farming these, so guys think about it, somone just get 6k playing all day
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