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  1. no bro... !! i am not that noob who cheat fo that small art.... may be my drawing wont be cool bt i dnt cheat... got it?? *peace*
  2. no bro... !! i am not that noob who cheat fo that small art.... may be my drawing wont be cool bt i dnt cheat... got it?? *peace*
  3. i will upload it asap... but i am not getting it... how to upload pic *z*
  4. i will upload it asap... but i am not getting it... how to upload pic *z*
  5. i will upload it asap... bur i am not getting it... how to upload pic *z*
  6. its abt the poor network bro... cant upload the pic.. dnt knw why... or i am not getting the process to upload images... *z* no offense... hope i will upload it soon...
  7. its +9 man not 10... and dnt bother abt reminding that thing ... that is long gone story.... i only miss it but i am doing fine by my necro..
  8. why its not uploading pic *z* i am *%&ed off now...
  9. Note: I can’t find out how to make the story so, very sorry the awful story. Story (Can be editable by the devs) Before 500 years Nyx Eta was “Shaman” who got betrayed and scammed by the people in Arinar. He need to follow different path so he choose the dark magic and became a “Necromancer” with pure dark power and seek for the revenge. However, those who betrayed him were punished but the dark power has so much influence in him that he couldn’t get back where he belong. Hated, abandoned, betrayed, Nyx Eta find a hope in the true power of devil and keep hunting the elementals to merge them into his body. Killing the Death Knight of pure dark power he gain a new power inside himself. He slayed many monsters and after all the stuff he fall asleep. (His fleshes rotted and decayed only skull was left. The elementals he merges started to consume his heart so that he feel no human emotions at all. The dark power slowly rise up. Gradually he was lost in pureness of Darkness.) After 500 years After 500 years of deep (sleep) Nyx Eta found himself in the core of Tree. His body were almost consumed by the soul of Elementals. The nature has partly engulf him. His senses are powerful and he feed himself with any elements around him. Devour! (A strange voice out of nowhere) He was turned into a furious bone and everything fired him! If he is not stopped in time he will bring the chaos in the world. The people are unaware of the dangerous demon lurking towards them and its up to you to decide the future of the arinar. If any suggestion or advice. Please share! (Devs can modify the stats as appropriate) Stat HP: 600k (or according to devs) MP: 1000 (or according to devs) Physical Attack: 500-600 Magic Attack: 300 Skills: 1. Demonic Flare (Ranged Attack): Attack with the flame of Dark magic (dark in color) 2. Rush: He run swiftly towards the attacker and deal some damage. 3. Mental Dissolve: He consume the intelligence of the attacker and heal himself. 4. Earthquake: He hit the ground with his hand and make a quake that stuns the melee attacker around him for a while. 5. Dark Defence: He surround himself with the aura of shield that neglect some attacks. Skill set up in game: 1. Blast Attack 2. Elusive jump 3. Mana Drain 4. Earthquake 5. Dk Shield Location 1) Attack anything inside the location, uses his rush attack. 2) Easily accessible somewhere in the Avyondil, (like: the tree at the bottom of TT Pyrimid where we get the fire to burn the temitary soldier) 3) No tanker or shaman can farm it 4) Drop lvl 22 accessories and all stuffs 5) Reward: wepons lvl 21-24 or as devs manageable Hope you guys like it… !!!
  10. how to make such wonderful story?? i have my drawing but i lack the storyline *z* jesssss.... But tbh... ur drawing are superb and above all story are cool...
  11. dnt be so sure of it,.. still there are days to come for the end of the contest... my drawing is ready... hope u will comment negetive too... but i am searching for the perfect story... lol... couldn't make one coz i am not novelist or watever gagagagaga
  12. lmfao!!! dnt get it wrong but i like the drawing just doubt abt u drew it so perfectly.. you are a real artist man..!!
  13. look like diablo 3 with some modification... good... art
  14. handwriting doesn't match with the drawing and we can print the pic that is simple it seems so unreal btw.. wow
  15. so this is way to describe your boss...!!!
  16. bunch of wavern wings on one body!!!! nice modification
  17. it dnt look real..... not with pencil....
  18. :! how to kill it.... :! will take 24hours to kill the boss... :! nonsense.... 20k hp reg :!
  19. no head = no mask ... sorry pal lol.....
  20. should we post the drawing on this topic or email to the mod??? can we have only boss pic but not story??? drawing should be colored or b/w??? like plain pencil art... Thank You!
  21. damn!!! i just got time for WS!!! downloaded the new version and here comes another update!!! Damn!!!
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