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  1. It's almost been a year since I posted here. This was a wip for a client. I think should complete it.
  2. This one answered everything
  3. Dragonborn Oracle (I'll be sharing my drawings here again, occasionally)
  4. Ahhh... Maybe I'll go complete my film too (The Book of Eli) and waste sometime playing Mortal Kombat X
  5. Edly


    Hi devs/gm, i just downloaded warspear on my symbian phone(nokia 6120c) about 15mins ago, when i click on it, it just won't open. Please tell me what to do, or what you can do to help. Thanks.
  6. Edly

    New forum

    Seems complicated!! But nice
  7. Change my name to "The Nigerian" please. thanks
  8. I love that picture Congratulations to everyone
  9. Edly

    Priest slow.

    Priest is as perfect as it could be. I love that class
  10. Sell [Demonic Potion] (Life steal potion) x3 pm me in game(Raveboy) or here for negotiations
  11. NOMINEES BELOW! - Cannot nominate yourself - Dont nominate someone just cus they are your friend - Determine whether you think they should be on this list. - Its not to do with their amplification, its how good they are at playing the class. anyone can be +9/10 but not always pro.
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