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  1. Deadgodlt

    [2014.08.28] Meet update Warspear Online 4.2!

    devs why u dont give us 10free suprise chests?
  2. Deadgodlt

    hello guys !!! ALL MUST ON THIS POST!!!

    %) this reward cant be selled
  3. waring! jaijoo is noob lier !!! he said i stolen #3 reward from arinar with my rogue (thewalker) but its not true bcs i dont have a reward and he lie everyone that i am if u guys dont trust me so check my cc and inventory
  4. Deadgodlt

    siloraa scammer

    Hello . Siloraa SCAMMED my bd oilll 19lvl pls report him!!!! And beware him
  5. omg! :shok: i want it :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. wow :shok: i love this costume but its hard to get it :facepalm:
  7. Deadgodlt


    Hello guys :) who need help pm me (Deadgodlt) ;)