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EU Emerald - ABC Family

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Ya. -> short story long

the game runs on tears.. a week in and i havent felt the same without it.

i think it will be a long time till i can up my str to use that shield..


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What!? How did casters get buffed up this time? Why does this keep happening, hope it  evens out in the long run.


I only play minority classes, so until shamans get unpopular again it stays waiting :P Shadow tank DK yummy.



Well your shaman gonna stay dead for a long time then. I don't see dev's going back to the old system, because this is gonna bring them so much money.

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Now it's +8 or lose.


To keep it short.

They made base heal even LOWER. The ONLY way to get higher heal now is to amplify, meaning +1 Healer with full astral gear is no longer good enough, but still useful.

The OP part is that now, Magic damage and heal are BOTH the same, meaning if a Shaman would amp +10 from +7 with 300 moon and 210 heal, not only will he be able to get 400 moon but he will also heal 270.


It's a disaster.

Obviously, Devs just planned this out so you have to amp for heal, unlike last time where you just get good gear and bam 250 HoT/750 Instant heal.

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I don't get a amplify option on my jewels?


I knew playing for PvE and friends was the right choice for me. No enjoyment in PvP anymore, only hackers spamming mc and op casters. Theirs no fudging way to beat a 290HoT caster kiting you, I'll lose to a full hp caster then 9 times out of 10 - god devs  I can see they try but it just keep turning out so fudging wrong.

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