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  1. Why would you read this anyway?

  2. Tweek

    A hook

    This. There is no point in having no invulnerability for atleast 5 seconds after you revive at a statue. What if 300 elves decide to wipe a town? Does that mean I cannot play the game for the next 30 minutes(till they get bored and log off or other towns decide that they had enough fun and go help)? Sheesh
  3. Tweek

    A hook

    They should atleast lock the topic (and give it a reason why) for a week and then probably delete it since I cannot check ws forum every day so I could atleast see why it got locked. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Tweek

    A hook

    Where is the invincibility when you respawn at a statue? Inba town takeovers And don't bother deleting the thread for something that insignificant.
  5. because it's that hard to play click to hit classes
  6. Skill damage scale with your damage. Shamans can barely reach 400dmg while bds top out somewhere near 800~ dmg Also it's much better because you'll be buffed every 10 out of 22 seconds while shaman is more vulnerable with 40 seconds delay between each ball (lvl4) check yourself before you mate yourself
  7. You use that to put money into your google play account,so you're going to use Google play option to buy Coins.
  8. Tweek

    dagger or double axes

    axes because more damage output and nuking potential.
  9. Warspear is one of the best mmorpg on the market right now. I don't deny it, I played it for 3 years and it's still a great game. However,in spite of their company name AiGrind, there is actually no grind part that takes place in the game. It's not like if you're spending more time in the game you will actually get good.(in a grindy way) And don't give me that crap "hurr you can farm stuff for gold". This is why I don't really enjoy the game that much,but I still like it.
  10. dk confirmed for weakest pve class. Barbarian's time to shine.
  11. If you think mages needs a buff,you are really really playing the game wrong. "Oh but I can't kill x class 1vs1!" You're not supposed to. Your job is to cause as much damage and harass as possible to many players since you have 4 aoe skills.
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