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Higgings, EU-Emerald

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Arf Arf, welcome to his post, Ladies and Gentlemen! 


"Sooo here I am with a nice picture of myself, near a weird guy who says it's my owner.... Of course, I got paid in order to make this shot, or I would have never participated, I am too shy :3. Don't think anyway I made his life easy when he tried to make it, hehe :hehe: "


Now it is my turn to speak... I think you spoke long enough! 


Let's be serious now, my dear friends :)


It is the first time I participate on such a contest, and I hope all of you appreciate the effort, Also because I am a very bad photograph haha. 


Thank you for having seen it, and have a nice day from your Beloved Dark Showman! :hi:




"No dogs have been abused while the the photo was taken" 


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1 hour ago, Aкasha said:

:happy: This dog is so cute! Well, I noticed that your logo isn't that readable - at least in my screen,  just make sure it won't affect your result all (would be a shame!). Good luck!! 


Hello there! Thank you for your comment! :give_rose:


Well I have checked on several devices ( Phone, tablet and even pc ) and I have not too much problems on seeing the logo. I have just Zoommed the Forum One :biggrin:. It's my tablet who disappointed me a bit, since I thought it made a bit better photos :boohoo-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

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