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lvl 10 arena char?

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Hey guys, i wanna create a lvl 10 char for arena. But now i have to decide: which class should i take? Pls i dont wanna create some Casters, i Want to create a tank or phys dmg Dealer :D any Tips?

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I wouldn't even recommend the low brackets because they are just battle of the amps anyways

Are you saying the battle of overpowered experts + amps is better? I definitely think that lvl10 and 14 is the battle of skill and gear build more than amps.
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Well you have your opinion and I have mine,It really depends on what class you pick. Expert skills add a new level because they give you the ability to do more. An example would be why would somebody pick a druid for low level arena because all a druid can do is root and run, but with experts a druid can stun and all that. I completely agree that a lot of expert skills are overpowered but I wouldn't say it takes skill to play a level 10

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at lvl10 there's no way he can reach a ranged char easily, so

a ranger can pretty much just run/trap and defeat him.

And since you always have a partner in arena, it can be

even easier with a strategy.

Liar, ham almost allwaxs hits from up to 7 tiles away

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