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  1. no u All these skill changes wont change anything about my eternal superiority
  2. LOVE IT ill check the balance once its in game but FINALLY a way for lvl 6-18 to improve further!!! thanks aigrind!
  3. good question! what would be the goal is it an ancient empire that rivaled the mermen? is it some kewl new dragon boss or a huuuge Serpent? will there be egyptian elements like pyramids and biiiig statues? cuz a serpentlike Raidboss or villain could be the chaos snake/God Apophis of Egyptian Mythology right now Kronus and the forces of chaos play a big role in ws but since kronus is from another world called borea, maybe we could ACTUALLY go on with chaos. Chaos plays a major bad guy role in Warspear now. we even have the world snakes as bosses in the chaos event. so if we take them and say they are the offsprings of the great chaos Snake Apophis we'd already have a huuuge enemy to fight off. And since chaos already brought decay upon the mermen empire, why would it not also corrupt the ancient desert empire that might exist in the desert map? also we would have an origin for the chainless league as you said, aswell as Geniery, the boss in easy nadir. there could be more desert and ancient stuff about that too it could also be like the chainless league itself that sends us as players to the new map. like, they didn't leave because they wanted, they evacuated and now they saw how successful we are as heroes so they order us to go to their homelands and get rid of their enemies there. or they simply deemed us worthy enough to go there and do the jobs that are too risky for them, like, obtaining dragon scales etc theres alot of potential in the new area and the bigger and vaster it gets, the more challenges we can fill the place with
  4. Hey there everyone I've been playing the game for like 8-9 years now it's been a part of my life and I really really enjoy it We've had a couple of great updates and they were also great, all of them. except for one thing the coloring of the game is very dark/fadeish. We start in either MC side with either a very fade brown/green/white combination of a harsh mountain area or a completely undead blue zone or as elves or chosen in a lively forest and plain land. Elf side really has an advantage when it comes to the coloring there after that, both sides proceed to the habitat of Irselnort , which has a good but non alive coloring following Norlant, a swamp. you can imagine how alive and happy those colors are Ayvondil comes up with another , yet different, magical kind of blue and leads up to sky island, which is a great combination of colors ship graveyard is iconic , but also has a deep, challenging set of colors Now my suggestion is: Let's bring more color into this! I suggest that the next update (whenever it may be, take your time but please , let the next map we fight on be a huuuuge, vast desert with a jungle nearby Just think about it: Awesome opportunities to introduce new, unknown factions, great yellow, golden and (in case you add an oasis here and there) green and blue colors to really wake up the adventurous spirit in all of us, a looooot of space to explore and fill with dungeons, secret bosses, secret passages and secrets in general (maybe even the tower of harad that was mentioned in another thread here) AND of course the well needed sight of a beach and old ruins that give us the feeling of a well deserved vacation. Warspear is a great game and arinar is a great place to be around and i bet it will be even cooler with that kind of new content as this is just a mere suggestion, i'll wait for some feedback and if others agree with me, maybe together we could design a few ideas and fill the suggestion with some content ourselves gg Husky
  5. thank you sir, i looked all of them up and they gave me some important information
  6. Hello there! i have a request to a developer or staff member of warspear i just finished the main questline for the first time and i got captivated by the lore of Arinar. This is why i decided to study the entire lore of the game because i want to answer a few questions that i have regarding the history of the game. for example a burning question that i would like to answer is the power ranking of all important characters in the game. i want to make that power ranking and therefore i need all the information i can gather that is based on game lore and not stats and co within the game I want to ask you to give me all quest dialogues from map 1 of each faction until Ship graveyard. all dungeons, all main quests and even the side quests Please also the event quest dialogues etc because the horror and spring and winter Characters are also very powerful if there is any way i could receive these informations as a data packet to go through all of them that would be very very very great i doubt that i will be able to play the questlines for all 4 factions up to the end of the main questlines my studies in rl consume too much time with beeest regards , Husky p.s. i didnt know where to put this topic so please forgive me if i put it in the wrong category
  7. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    Thats a great idea. I don't know how the actual system will look later but im sure its gonna be good for the people who lost their leads. As i saw, it does not only affect us
  8. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    Ye ik it wont change until the update that changes that system comes out. Until then they will survive, its not the biggest loss but it'll be harder. I do hope it happens soon because i know this is not the only guild where it happened and i dont want hundreds of players in each server leave the game because of their leaders dark decisions We'll stay put
  9. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    Breaking the rules or not, I shouldn't be responsible for the suffering of many. Just for my own. I totally respect these bans that happened but the poor guild and its other leaders cant take the consequences of my selfish, shortsighted behavior. I was hella mad at the gms for letting bug abuses go by in the past when they were committed by rich ppl that burst tons of money into the game. Like when the mcoin shop was bugged and ppl recorded buying THOUSANDS of sets of stam and signs. And, what a miracle, no one got punished. I saw people abusing another bug i happened to find out about, but i couldn't report them. I see what this game is to many people. It's a toxic competition that drives ppl insane, makes them abandon their morals, become addicted, fight dirty, insult strangers on the internet. I see all the flaws people show because of the competition in ws. But i also see the people behind that, i see the immaturity of their behavior and i see that they are not yet ready to face the loss of the game. I couldn't be so cruel to ppl, no matter what rules they were breaking. So i started abusing the bug myself and i shared all my drops to free to play people that don't invest their rl money to the game. I didn't even know it was that big of a deal until i read the game rules again. Then i stopped but it was too late already. I faced all the consequences and i accept them but i cant let my idiocy be the end of all the things my friends worked for. They had no idea what i was doing, they cant be punished for my mistakes. That's why im glad that there will be an update about leadership changes in the future. Because even tho i know this game is mostly about money, i can at least believe now that the gms and devs care at least a little about ppl that just play their game for fun. It's a great game with awesome designs and helping f2p people in this time of abuse by rich p2w guys is something honorable to do. For now, Thankyu
  10. Mooh

    Stoopit leader

    That does not sound very fair, but also its confusing me. Isn't the lead of a guild transferred after 2 weeks automatically?
  11. Thank god they only modified templar bd and druid and didnt continue buffing rangers
  12. This is the cutest shit I've ever seen Oinky the piglet ftw
  13. Gg. Honestly. I like the way you actually start taking care of ws again and producing real quality content :3 kissies for that Also i took a look on the new costumes and the unicorn one reminds me of what Sunless (Eu) designed once, i loved the idea back then and im happy to see a similar design was added to The game Im looking forward to christmas
  14. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? IF YES I luvvvvv yu Just the prices need to go down a little. I understand that the dmg buffs are op but it's hard to obtain these imps after all
  15. YWhat about low lvl accesories. Tf for real. is this change permanent? If so, add low lvl accesories to arena shops. I want justice for all the hundreds of euros i invested into my lvl 14s @Holmes
  16. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man! 

    Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!! 

    Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!!! 



  17. I think both sides need to reconsider. I see you're from US and it seems like Mcs are strong there but here in EU elves clearly have the upper hand and due to very toxic elf guilds that lead their faction, its not very delightful to stand against them. Mages and Palas are very very annoying classes and druids.... Are almost the worst pvp enemies for us. So annoying endless heals and shields.... Hhhh But apparently you face a similar problem just with different sides in US so i get your point
  18. Hmm i think Unicorn was the most iconic one. All the others are just like... .. I like them really, but theyre so common.
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