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  1. Kakoka

    Skill build

    It could be his gears r more op , skills talented,got books , if both were in same conditions mages wont compete.
  2. as it should , lets meet spring ring
  3. Kakoka

    Skill build

    You are a bit mistaken , mages or casters in general do not compete with any physical dmg class when it comes to actually dealing dmg + chieftain is prob one of the most op characters to play rn while mage kept getting nerfed . I meant a low dps when compared to dmgrs class ,mainly bds rangers hunters .
  4. Well after 3years of quitting , here i am back again on elfs-us .
  5. Kakoka

    Skill build

    I prefer not counting on dmg skills since mage typically has a low dps when compared to dmgrs , so i rely on support+tanky skills mainly and i see it the best pvp build rn after the major rework done on mages. Shattered 3/5,Chains 5/5,Sun armor 5/5, Ennoble 4/4,Magic ban 4/4/Barrier 4/4,Eye +Roaring2/4. ( I got 1 extra skill point from talent tree)
  6. I shall when I get higher in lvls im still at lvl 19 .
  7. im a ranger , whats the one I should get?
  8. Bascially alot of people told me to start crafting as that its a good way to make gold, im lvl 18 and currently have 30k gold so i want to know from where should I start and what do i need to do.
  9. Mac os i guess what character do u think is best for pvp rn ?
  10. I quitted since a year and now i came back i want to ask what should i get for the best pve build for lvl 28-30?
  11. i buy druid skills / almighty amulet / lvl 26 set of flying mages i sell necklace of immortiality Name : losya /US-SAPPHIRE / Elf side
  12. Kakoka

    Six shadows

    So i made a new chr and im now stuck with the six shadows quest and waiting for any other questor to help is there any way to do it solo or a better way to do it?
  13. That fortnite game is fun m8 i reckon u know me .. or u dont??
  14. Recently yes battlefield 1 sells more than Cod WWII Can u follow me?
  15. Kakoka

    Red cat

    does this seem red to you?^glitch^?
  16. Kakoka

    Anonymous 2

    Us sapphire- Losya is my name
  17. Kakoka

    Anonymous 2

    legionn is my friend , not a new guild bur maybe bring back TheLegion or Anonymous back alive
  18. Kakoka

    Anonymous 2

    planning on creating new guild with the aid of several old players and only old players can enter the guild or shall i cancel the project?🤔
  19. Kakoka

    X's farewell

    no , he deleted his account and i begged him to give it to me and he doesnt want he only wants to focus on his studies + i may ask him to come back since i too came back
  20. Kakoka

    X's farewell

    ik but its like i only wanted to t reply cuz hes my cousin😂
  21. Kakoka


    I have just started crafting cloaks , im lvl 4 rn in the lvl profession and i know for a fact that is when i disassemble any craft item a may get an energy , ethereal essence so which items that i craft drop essences?
  22. ah ok then , well my ss only had barkskin and pot and palaaura so if he had aslo group relic and castle buff he would probably go 22k def
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