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  1. I shall when I get higher in lvls im still at lvl 19 .
  2. im a ranger , whats the one I should get?
  3. Bascially alot of people told me to start crafting as that its a good way to make gold, im lvl 18 and currently have 30k gold so i want to know from where should I start and what do i need to do.
  4. Mac os i guess what character do u think is best for pvp rn ?
  5. I quitted since a year and now i came back i want to ask what should i get for the best pve build for lvl 28-30?
  6. i buy druid skills / almighty amulet / lvl 26 set of flying mages i sell necklace of immortiality Name : losya /US-SAPPHIRE / Elf side
  7. Kakoka

    Six shadows

    So i made a new chr and im now stuck with the six shadows quest and waiting for any other questor to help is there any way to do it solo or a better way to do it?
  8. That fortnite game is fun m8 i reckon u know me .. or u dont??
  9. will the week of ayvondil for x2 drops stop after the update is finished?
  10. Recently yes battlefield 1 sells more than Cod WWII Can u follow me?
  11. Kakoka

    Red cat

    does this seem red to you?^glitch^?
  12. Kakoka

    Anonymous 2

    Us sapphire- Losya is my name
  13. Kakoka

    Anonymous 2

    legionn is my friend , not a new guild bur maybe bring back TheLegion or Anonymous back alive
  14. Kakoka

    Anonymous 2

    planning on creating new guild with the aid of several old players and only old players can enter the guild or shall i cancel the project?🤔
  15. Kakoka

    X's farewell

    no , he deleted his account and i begged him to give it to me and he doesnt want he only wants to focus on his studies + i may ask him to come back since i too came back
  16. Kakoka

    X's farewell

    ik but its like i only wanted to t reply cuz hes my cousin😂
  17. Kakoka


    I have just started crafting cloaks , im lvl 4 rn in the lvl profession and i know for a fact that is when i disassemble any craft item a may get an energy , ethereal essence so which items that i craft drop essences?
  18. ah ok then , well my ss only had barkskin and pot and palaaura so if he had aslo group relic and castle buff he would probably go 22k def
  19. nice, this wasnt achieveable back in the days
  20. selling lvl 20 craft staff / lots of minions Elf side US
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