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  1. LETS GOOOOOOI are the 2 new accessories in effect at the same time as the others?
  2. Oky thats an overall nice update🍨 I like the raidboss timer, will make it easier for people to organise ls wars for book drops The talents are solid! ty 🐉
  3. Jaan is probably one of the, if not the strongest ranger in this game and he said this. Just throwing it into the room so people know what the people mentioned say about this (the screenshot was taken in a public warspear discord server and is therefore not a privacy violation.) I hope this helps some people with the discussion.
  4. Thx for saying that Its true that many people say things in the heat of battle or a discussion but the dimensions are ridiculous and i really hope that some people calm down🦈 It may be motivating for some but if many leave because of it thats kinda sad.
  5. Omg i have to spam dg and quests daily on 4 characters 😹 This will be fun
  6. That's an absurdly plain way to react to something🦈 We all know its not true
  7. Hey there. So I've been playing warspear online for 9years now and it always had a great influence on my life, which I am honestly grateful for. However, recent developments bring up the question whether or not i should keep playing the game and i'd like to share some opinions with you to make you reconsider For instance we have the factor of money. Warspear is a very nice game when it comes to potential for competition and it is also a game that grants you heavy advantages when you use real money to get better in the game itself. However, to maintain a certain standard, some people have to pay massive amounts of said money (if they dont use VPN methods to gain discounts by paying in countries with cheaper miracle coins. Doing so is strictly forbidden so if you're hearing this for the first time, don't get any wrong ideas). I myself have invested a lot of money in the game in the past two years and to stay in the higher leagues where books and mermen armors hide, I'd need to keep investing alot. I know that there are people that did not spend a single penny on the game and still managed to build decent (not overwhelming, just decent) characters to take part in the competition, but their success is based on either hours of questing every day or luck in dungeons, which, in most cases, also require hours of time. Of course the time factor itself also presents an issue: To play in an active and somewhat alive guild (and community) you have to invest alot of time, every day. As a person that participates in our non digital society, i barely find time to play Warspear Online as frequently as some of the people that spend the majority of their time online. On top of that comes the social factor. For some sad reasons, the ingame community has become very toxic. Many of the great friends I've made over the years either left the game or became toxic keyboard warriors that seem to play the game only to satisfy an unhealthy urge to get revenge for minor inconveniences. Of course not everyone is like that but since the strongest communities within the game are filled with people that show this particular behavior, the whole community is kind of intoxicated. Many people in the game show a low (or double) moral standard and seem to excuse their rude and toxic behavior by complaining about their "enemies" doing the same thing. Upon being called out on their behavior (or asked to please behave nicer), some of them start rumors and shittalks about people that honestly just want to play in peace. This has happened to many calm or friendly players that got genuinely annoyed by the daily drama in world and area chats, on both elf and mc side. Since the game is a competition you could argue that this behavior might naturally occur and I would have to agree with you. However, if you're a person that wants to maintain a certain quality and don't witness your own moral downfall (I am sorry to phrase this so dramatically), I strongly advise you to keep a healthy distance from the community of EU-Emerald. Another negative aspect of the community of EU-Emerald is that most of them seem to live in the game. That's nothing bad in general but the strong connection they have to the game intensifies their perspective on things that happen within the game. They don't see it as game anymore and take it and things that happen within it way too serious. That causes their development as people to be slowed down or certain parts of it cut off. Of course it could also be that many people that play Warspear Online have a perfectly fine real life but take their toxic energy and leave it in the game- either way it presents a reason to quit WS. On top of THAT, many people in the game cheat their way to victory. Account sharing is forbidden, yet many people do it and many even expect me to share my accounts with them to win their enemies in arena or go have fun or spam dungeons to win weekly ratings. If you enjoy fairplay- don't even bother trying in this particular server (EU Emerald) Apart from these ingame factors there is another question I keep asking myself and I hope for some answers in here: With the current crisis in eastern europe and russia- is there a chance that, for whatever reasons- the game will eventually shut down? I don't want to keep investing in something that will go down anyway and any answer from people that are educated on the matter would be amazing Please note that these are my honest and personal opinions. I don't claim to have an objective knowledge or opinion on the matter- its subjective and if you feel different about the things i said, i respect that. I also genuinely want to apologise for this comment sounding like a rant- it partially was. Playing the game becomes a lot harder for many of us because we see more and more of our friends either leave or become toxic and we get bothered and included in drama even if we try not to. i myself have a harder and harder time staying positive and neutral and non toxic in this environment 🦁 I hope this comment will create a discussion that makes some people reconsider their future decisions, whether regarding playing the game or behaving in it Have a good Day❤️ Belior
  8. Ehm you know u can reach lvl 17 within like.... 5 hours 🦡 Make it new bro and join EU-Emerald🥸
  9. Well it worked out for T5 Ayvo aswell At first i was sceptical because "Capitalism is so advanced, we're paying to breathe now" But the system was pretty cool and also pretty logical. You do need oxygen to breathe under water. and we were able to get tons of oxygen simply by daily events and questing so... I never bought oxygen in mcoin store and neither did modt of the ppl i know🦁There are good chances for Non p2w players. If they use such a system It'll probably be okay like t5 one😁 and also it makes u deliberate more on which quests you wanna do and how😁😁 and lets be real, filling up another talent tree will be cool aswell 🍵 I myself really enjoy the talent trees and the feeling of gradually becoming stronger and more versatile every day i play🐢 Of course not everyone agrees on that point but i like it alot 😁😁
  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Finally its coming omg all these years of waiting have paid off!!!😁❤️❤️❤️ This is like everything i ever asked for becomes reality and im so hyped about this!!!!💜 Mounts or a new moving system for a huge map, artifacts, desert theme, more lore about the chainless league, the biggest city in the game What makes me really happy about all of this is that it makes me and the other people that suggested things for a new update feel seen and listened to. Since i was like 4 years old i consumed any kind of fantasy, high fantasy, low fantasy, urban fantasy, no matter which genre, and no matter which way, movies, video games, series, books. I have read, seen and played so much that i have become very picky and selective over the years. And even tho there are so many HUGE fantasy video games with probably alot more developers and designers out there, warspear is the one that got me stuck. my 10 year anniversary will happen roughly around the time of the update and i did never regret playing this game. I m in love with the way they portrayed fantasy and its elements throughout the years and the way they implemented different aspects from various mythologies while still creating a wonderful own mythology. I love that they are so versatile when it comes to creating different maps even using the same colour patterns (which create a great atmosphere) And now im even more grateful that they use a new colour pattern, more vivid and warm. And having the feeling that i and many of the active players of this game contributed to this decision makes me extremely happy. I am looking forward to this new update and i can barely hold in my excitement❤️ i love u guys ❤️ no matter what ppl say abt devs being lazy or greedy, this shows that u never left our side 🍀🐢Tyy for developing for so many years now and i wish you the best of luck and success for this update!!!!
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