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  1. Mooh

    lvl 10 arena char?

    So a rogue or bd?
  2. Mooh

    youtube channel

    Wow thats a good song. Its deep and quiet i Like it
  3. Mooh

    youtube channel

    I will hear the Song as Soon as i Can :0
  4. Hmmmm im a bounty Hunter ,a mcoiner and a king/Star i mean , u know these guys getting presents from everyonr? I just say, 150k bow + 100 k Gold from a guy i didnt even Know
  5. Uhm... *Uses lifescroll* I miss my N64 and SNES
  6. Mooh

    lvl 10 arena char?

    Hey guys, i wanna create a lvl 10 char for arena. But now i have to decide: which class should i take? Pls i dont wanna create some Casters, i Want to create a tank or phys dmg Dealer any Tips?
  7. Mooh


    16.07 :[
  8. Hmm Raezer, well i already Know ur pala and bd,didnt Know ur gonna create a priest :0 So my advice would be Tears, really they arent necessary, 1/5 Shield,necessary to pvp every class, 3/5 Heal, u just need it. 5/5 Word power, necessary, eat ur enemys mana, 3/5 And armistice, just for a little break in fight 1/5
  9. Mooh

    Official Whattsapp Group

    Thats nit necessary,i already sent my number in my First Post. +4915905308750 i acidently did it, but everyone can read it now , so it doesnt matter anymore
  10. Mooh

    Official Whattsapp Group

    Yeah there Is an emerald group
  11. Hm i just wanna grt 380-400mdmg, 430+ Is too High to amp with 60k mcoins
  12. Wow great stats 430+ mdmg? Nice man
  13. Hey guys, i wanna ask if there Are official Whattsapp groups from EU Emerald. I just wanna join group and Meet New people, if you wanna add me, +4915905308750 would be great. Pls Dont add me into Pro +10 groups,coz im just a little Player and i just wanna meet new friends and have a lot of fun And Sorry for my bad english
  14. Mooh

    PvP as Pala

    Thx for the Tops. Im lvl 14 pala amd Dont have expert skills,but the Rest of this cinversatin Was very useful for me thx
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