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[2015.12.07] Promotion. The “Might of the Guilds”: 100th anniversary tournament!


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Warriors of Arinar!

The highly anticipated 100th Guild tournament has finally started! To celebrate this momentous event we have prepared valuable prizes and big discounts for participants!

There will be
25 Guild tournament winners on each server for this week. These victors will not only receive great reward, but the victory will also be counted as a Non-fading Glory achievement.

Prizes for the winners

Place 1-3: The number of Crimson Corundums received for winning the Guild tournament will be doubled.
Place 4-10: All Guild members will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Coffer*
Place 11-25: All Guild members will be rewarded with a Bronze Coffer

* A Bronze Coffer contains unique minions, surprise chests and Signs of Imperishability!

Discounts for all participants

There will be special discounts for every Guild for the whole week! Don't miss them!

- Guild leveling up from level 2 to 5 is half the regular cost (Guild Points, Unity Signs, gold).
- Guild active skills learning cost is halved (Guild Points, Unity signs, gold).
- Guild renaming cost is halved.
- Guild Points reward for Dungeon completion is doubled

Deal starts: 07.12 12:00 CET
Deal ends: 14.12 11:00 CET

That's all, folks! Good luck to your guild!


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GM... Why only for Level 1-5 Guild  :cray:Make Level 1-8 too please  :blush: 
And change tour reward... We got bored by Crimson Corundum all time  :good: Make something good  :blush:

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Servers are down due to minor issue with the recent event.

We will solve this issue and start game servers again.


Thank you for understanding and sorry for this kind of inconvenience.

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