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  1. This event are better than last years..last years no have new map and dg
  2. haha..i run many time dg from event start untill now,still no drop a good item.. see i no get mad because that is normal for me
  3. so..is good if 5/5 root or 4/4 song? which better?haha
  4. what is the different lvl 4 and lvl 5 root? haha
  5. dark circle also hv limit to stun people..go see in warlock dark circle skill explain
  6. Gm,i cannt creat character with some name cause there aready hv in game.. but when i checking the name that i want to creat, the player just in lvl 1-3 only..and they not active anymore. pls remove the low lvl character that no active during one YEARS, ty
  7. Nah..im elf and mc in same time..XP So i know which more people.. Elf is more number than Mc,but when war,many Elf just afk (maybe) lately..before this elf are good in war..but now... So that i turn to Mc when war..
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