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[2024.03.17] The 24th Activity Season: Blind Side!

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Pioneers of the Mirror World!


The allure of Light Magic and Reflection Magic has surely captured your minds! Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned student at the School of Magic, you should be well aware that delving into the new magical studies can be much more engaging and effective with the upcoming Activity Season just a few hours away! Check out the Activity Center for level-adjusted daily and weekly missions with valuable trophies! Remember that daily missions refresh at 23:00 CET every day, while weekly missions reset every Sunday at the same time! Note that any incomplete missions will also reset on the updates!


Here come the trophies! This Season brings the magnificent Oculus costume, the charming Owl Impetuosity skill, Magic Mood's Chest with playful smileys, unique minions, helpful buffs such as unique Great Magic & Great Magic Wisdom, Magic Grains, new exclusive smileys and spring hairstyles, Legendary Elixirs of Unity & Experience, Extra Storage Sections, and other rewards, including the holiday Blissful Isle Chest!


The Blissful Isle Chest may contain the following rewards:



  • Book of Second Chance
  • Book of Underground Speed

Book of Second Chance

Instantly resurrects the character’s minion and applies Invulnerability to it for 10 seconds once for the minion’s lifetime. An extra life is indicated by the icon next to the minion’s health/energy bar.


Book of Underground Speed

Increases the character's movement speed in Dungeons by 10%.


Event Relic:

  • Magic Relic of Resilience


  • Moon Sorcerer
  • Sun Sorcerer
  • Astral Sorcerer
  • Darkness Sorcerer
  • Moon Sorceress
  • Sun Sorceress
  • Astral Sorceress
  • Darkness Sorceress
  • Illusion Sorcerer
  • Illusion Sorceress
  • Animagic Sorcerer
  • Animagic Sorceress
  • Portal Sorcerer
  • Portal Sorceress
  • Magizoology Sorcerer
  • Magizoology Sorceress
  • Technomagic Sorcerer
  • Technomagic Sorceress
  • Technomagic Enchanter
  • Technomagic Enchantress
  • Sarah Viardot
  • Hunter Grass
  • Agatha Guiliano
  • William Brocard
  • Julius
  • Claudius
  • Serpentus
  • Admiral Octopus
  • King of Clubs
  • Midnight Owl
  • Wickedora

Set of Heraldic Lily


and also:

  • Great Gladiator’s, Unity and Experience Elixirs
  • Special Combat Scrolls
  • Powerful Potions
  • Precious Bars

Skill: Owl Impetuosity

Light on his feet, agile in his movements, and silent in his attacks, the mysterious Night Hunter is adept at stealth. Explore Arinar under the guise of the fabled predator! Unavailable in Guild events, Castle battles, Arena fights. Available until the end of the Activity Season.


Buff: Great Magic
Increases Magic Grains gained by the character by 20% (does not stack).


Buff: Great Magic Wisdom

Increases Reputation gained by the character with the Magisters of Light and Reflection by 20% (does not stack).


If you’re looking to fill your bag with as many rewards trophies worthy of your deeds, be sure to activate the Battle Pass which unlocks a whole branch of unique rewards and benefits, including:

  • more daily and weekly missions;
  • quick access to the Personal and Guild Storages;
  • free hairstyle change via the Personal Hairdresser;
  • personal Knowledge Bank.

On top of that, the Battle Pass unlocks an extra reward slot once you complete the Activity Season, containing the Chest of the Blissful Isle for every 40 Season Points earned! Best of all, you can redeem the Chest for as many times as you can until the Season comes to an end!


Plus, don’t miss the feature allowing you to gift the Battle Pass to any character level 6 upwards within your Alliance and game server! Give it a try right from the Activity Center!


The new Activity Season starts on March 17, 23:00 CET, and lasts through April 28, 23:00 CET. 


See you in the game!

The Warspear Online Team

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4 hours ago, Mateusz said:

fix the gvg 


2 hours ago, Eshin said:

fix the GAME


Defining the problem properly would help us solving it (: 

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9 hours ago, Higgings said:



Defining the problem properly would help us solving it (: 

Higgins bro, rookies will never understand the game :woo1dcut:


Pin on Laughter is the Best Medicine

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i dont have button to gift bp to friend on bottom of bp.im playing from window11 and ios

Edited by change
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1 hour ago, change said:

i dont have button to gift bp to friend on bottom of bp.im playing from window11 and ios

Most likely your account does not fill the requirements to be able to gift it

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@Cardinal...the new battlepass is bugged...

killing elites task dont register kills & all the battlepass tour points are not adding to weekly tour

elite kills now register on battlepass tasks now...but still no battlepass tour points register 



Screenshot_20240318-172118_Warspear Online.jpg

Edited by TWISTD
added bugged
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@Cardinal @leeloo @nolan....


battlepass weekly tour is still bugged...no battlepass weekly tour points are registering in #A #B #C sections...

are the magic grains we have already made going to be added after bug fixes?:calm-down-crazy-rabbit-emoticon::head-crazy-rabbit-emoticon:

Screenshot_20240318-223442_Warspear Online.jpg

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4 hours ago, Jcbref said:

Most likely your account does not fill the requirements to be able to gift it

so how can i fix it?

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47 minutes ago, change said:

so how can i fix it?

We dont know those requirements for sure but most likely it takes into consideration your account age, bought miracle coins and other trustworthiness

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