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  1. @Peony @Cardinal I tested patronage skill it only returns HP if my druid is on the last hit before death..when it reaches 0hp...so is this how it works from now on?....& in testing I died many times even when buff was applied...the DMG I was taking was 348...& it still did not return HP until I was on 0hp last hit before death...after 10 tries it then returned some HP...why destroy a skill & render it basically useless
  2. @peony...patronage skill tests show it only engages when near death..1 hit before death..it does not engage if HP is below 25%, I tested the skill on my druid when he was at 1000 & 600 & 300 hp..& got no HP return & my full HP is 6364...10yrs+ I've played warspear & if this is a so called skill fix...it's a pathetic joke...agrind can keep its game & I will keep my $$
  3. @peony...I just tested patronage on a guild member & it did not absorb dmg or return any hp...I got update patch 8.4.2 on log in..but it still says 8.4.1...i will wait for googleplay update & check again...
  4. @Cardinal can u please check druids patronage skill..I tested on my druid with 6364 HP...I let monsters attack me until I was 600hp...I applied patronage skill ..it did not absorb any dmg & did not return any hp
  5. @Cardinal alot of of us can't even log in using a VPN or via mobile net aswell...it's not our net..I can stream movies, surf the net. etc..but yet when I try warspear..it stays on the connecting screen

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal..US sapphire...MC side

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal...US sapphire chosen side
  8. @Cardinal.. connection is all good now...sorry for the late reply I haven't checked forum in a while
  9. @Cardinal...alot of US sapphire can't log in via mobile net & VPN...it's just getting stuck on connection screen...
  10. @cardinal...i have tried sending reports via other support section..when I try to verify & send report it just resets to send button again & the report won't go through...many of us are having the log in problems..we can still stream movies & surf the net..so it's not our networks..hope u can sort this problem out asap
  11. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal...US sapphire... MC side..
  12. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal...US sapphire..mc side...they have also made about 30+ low lvl hunters to keep spamming
  13. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal...US sapphire..mc side
  14. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal..US sapphire..elf side
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