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  1. maybe aigrind forgot to pay their internet bill for this month

    How do the craft/castle relics work?

    the word "craft" is in title, cause the relics are made within the castle walls... U can't buy them from mshop or get as a drop from dg or a boss... as for "how do the" in the title..it's a question, for those that may have more info to add to the topic...& a answer, for those that want to know more about the relics...
  3. 11 months before we get to play...finding nemo

    Phishing sites!

    @Cardinal...US server mc side ...the parasites are back ..last time we traced the old site to Indonesia & the guy was talking Indonesian in chat a few times..I say it would be him again

    Phishing sites!

    @Reivenorik @Cardinal..US sapphire elf side ...

    Phishing sites!

    @cardinal.. @reivenorik ...US sapphire mc side
  7. regarding mana I have no problem on any of my chars..it regens every 5 seconds still & has always been cut by 50% in battle mode...now constantly spamming fix mana problem in forum..won't fix it ..if some are having issues devs are looking into the data ..until then learn to use a mana pot..so many whine over mana but yet they won't use mana pots....
  8. @Daria or @devs..in 7.5.0 update,..guild leveling costs changed..LVL 3 guild use to cost 600k+gp to level up..it now costs 500k gp...considering uguys refunded gp to all high LVL guilds last gp cost changes, shouldn't all guilds that have leveled to 3-4-5-6 be refunded the extra gp they used to LVL up?,..in this gp cost change,..as uguys did with the other high LVL guilds in the last changes to gp in guild costs...
  9. I have been playing warspear since beta test days... it's still not dead yet.. & will live on into the future...
  10. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    the filter seems to be working fine now...no more scamming parasites spamn wc.. Ty devs...keep up the good work
  11. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    @Daria..US server ..elf side..maybe u can add every character eg; *"':;() ><..along with the website names,to ur filter u have in place atm...
  12. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    @Daria..US server ..elf side
  13. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    @Daria...US server elf side
  14. TWISTD

    Phishing sites!

    US server..elf side