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  1. @[email protected] have already sent multiple reply reports & video evidence to the support team...which they asked for & they replied saying it will be fixed soon...that was in April 2022..the support team, may think the problem was fixed...but the problem still exists with samsung galaxy tab10A & other devices...ive been playing warspear since it was monthly subscription & beta test...it seems that aigrind has a policy of ignoring players & many problems with the game ...we are the ones that keep your game alive & going via mcoin purchases since it began & monthly subscription in the early days before mcoin shop was added at a later date...
  2. @Cardinal..i sent a reply report with 2 videos of the craft bug making the game client crash, on tuesday the 19/04/2022 6:35pm.. to support if u need video evidence...the reply from support was that you guys already know of the bug..but yet it has not been fixed.. the game still crashes at random when selecting craft jobs...it has been months...please check your support emails as you will see for yourself, the problem happening...
  3. @[email protected] about fixing the craft bug, that keeps making the game crash... craft has been bugged since spring event & it still has not been fixed
  4. @Cardinal...elf side US sapphire
  5. ..finally after 11+years of waiting for a proper talent tree.. ...lets hope devs also add the skylore style arena maps to warspear & can u bring back poison invoked weapons that use to be in early warspear...
  6. @Cardinal US sapphire mc side
  7. @Peony @Cardinal I tested patronage skill it only returns HP if my druid is on the last hit before death..when it reaches 0hp...so is this how it works from now on?....& in testing I died many times even when buff was applied...the DMG I was taking was 348...& it still did not return HP until I was on 0hp last hit before death...after 10 tries it then returned some HP...why destroy a skill & render it basically useless
  8. @peony...patronage skill tests show it only engages when near death..1 hit before death..it does not engage if HP is below 25%, I tested the skill on my druid when he was at 1000 & 600 & 300 hp..& got no HP return & my full HP is 6364...10yrs+ I've played warspear & if this is a so called skill fix...it's a pathetic joke...agrind can keep its game & I will keep my $$
  9. @peony...I just tested patronage on a guild member & it did not absorb dmg or return any hp...I got update patch 8.4.2 on log in..but it still says 8.4.1...i will wait for googleplay update & check again...
  10. @Cardinal can u please check druids patronage skill..I tested on my druid with 6364 HP...I let monsters attack me until I was 600hp...I applied patronage skill ..it did not absorb any dmg & did not return any hp
  11. @Cardinal alot of of us can't even log in using a VPN or via mobile net aswell...it's not our net..I can stream movies, surf the net. etc..but yet when I try warspear..it stays on the connecting screen
  12. @Cardinal..US sapphire...MC side
  13. @Cardinal...US sapphire chosen side
  14. @Cardinal.. connection is all good now...sorry for the late reply I haven't checked forum in a while
  15. @Cardinal...alot of US sapphire can't log in via mobile net & VPN...it's just getting stuck on connection screen...
  16. @cardinal...i have tried sending reports via other support section..when I try to verify & send report it just resets to send button again & the report won't go through...many of us are having the log in problems..we can still stream movies & surf the net..so it's not our networks..hope u can sort this problem out asap
  17. @Cardinal...US sapphire... MC side..
  18. @Cardinal...US sapphire..mc side...they have also made about 30+ low lvl hunters to keep spamming
  19. @Cardinal...US sapphire..mc side
  20. @Cardinal..US sapphire..elf side
  21. @Cardinal..US sapphire..mc & elf sides
  22. @Cardinal..US sapphire..MC & Forsaken
  23. @Cardinal..US sapphire elf side
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