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  1. bm can put the tree wherever they want? no, its stuck inside the character. ofc its fair for shaman to have it, who cares about it? I was asking about the priest.
  2. so, can the % chance of hitting multiple targets be gone as well? since you only hit people near you now.
  3. Blessing of the Mountains: Reduces all incoming damage to the character by H% and increases his “Dodge” parameter by D% for T sec. indeed
  4. pve talent do you even know what pyro does..?
  5. Surely, out of words heh. Full pvp guild. Critical hits are working cause of some relic.
  6. magic chief is made for mass fights, not for arena. if you want to be good in arena, go for physical set. The Damage a magic chief does in gvg/mass fights is way too high and you want more of it, you clearly are a chief user right? you want more damage than this? this is just from one chieftain. Now imagine theres more than 30 of them with their stacked aoe and you are asking for more?
  7. If im not wrong the majority of toxic people comes from the guild that u leading. It wouldn't be a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that they don't even stay to help, they eventually return to that hole, or they just come to create small guilds and divide the coexistence between legion players Surely.. lol.
  8. cry me a river, like in every forum post I made
  9. we dont, wrong section my friend
  10. I agree. it used to work years ago when people didnt have every stat max, now its just not doable anymore.
  11. my suggestion, you dont have to like it. can be lower % too, at the end of the day, its not our decision, its the developers.
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