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  1. as a rogue player I must say... why? this skill is shifting the rog into becoming a pvp class only and not even making him relevant in actual PvP like GvG but rather 1v1 and 2v2 arena its also making the class fall behind more and more in terms of PvE due to giving him something he cant rely on during raid bosses or in dg boss fights. its a buff nevertheless which rogues need desperately but imo I dont think this is the buff rogues needed and it will only ruin the potential of getting a proper buff that could be used in all scenarios.
  2. does this mean you will gain the base skill dmg ( 160/2=80%) or just the extra ( 60/2=30%) ? does this work with the new buff for the skill ( shadow veil ) making it 6 \ 6.5 \ 7 sec ? @Holmes
  3. some guilds got the buffs but the rest didn't are we facing another bugg ?
  4. does this mean only the hunter will deal the increased damage to the target or everyone who attacks it ?
  5. finally spring event I think everyone been excited for it the new changes to the rogue skills are quite nice as rogue used to lack the cc and lockdown in term of pvp but imo i believe rogue's needs more love in term of pve dmg or rather dps as most of rogues are switching to daggers and the auto-attack only method making them rely on extreme skill only and no other skill .
  6. it's really sad to see a whole guild disappear in a blink of an eye, despite having problems with that guild or not losing a whole guild after seeing everyone there working hard and investing a lot of time and resources into it is just morally wrong, I hope this topic goes with a happy ending.
  7. I really like how "sir" Joachim was taken control of before dying and became an important piece in Totenkopf army " a general ". I don't read the story behind the events often but I have to say I really liked the story behind this one devs really out done themselves as always. Kind of excited to see this looks pretty fun to "ride"
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