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top paladins using only 1h wep and shield (US-SAPPIRE)


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Is 1h Zeusexelies fav? I only see her around with spear :/

yea cuz nothing in warspear needs mace n shield now, dungeon need spear, lab better spear, anything better spear now till an update comes that i need to tank in it ill use shield


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Hes just kidding sharpnarut your seeming a little hostile let the kid dream ey?

Also Btw Paladins weakest

Class in Ws they only have the most

over powered two skills in game

For a melee a base heal and there banner.


Take away there banner or make

Em split it there 100% Useless weak class that cant defend themselfs.

Now with that being said i have seem a few Exceptions Sweetmandy i pvped and was pretty good because she didnt rely on banner and i told her i wouldnt pvp with that dmg all on me

CUs its like 1k,1k,1k and she had decent skill

Before when paladins were 100% Inferior and had no use whatsoever but

To tank labs for elfs there was only one who stood out in pvp and was a decent challenge just as Yins was and that was Zeusxelie and he used a mace and shield and had a good heal and block and great defense back then. Hed still beat new pallys with his He shield and doom mace. (guessing what it is)so he gets my top pick. Still paladins are only made to be a tank either then that there useless Just sayin (Not to hurt paladin users feelings)

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Lol you don't know my paladin :D, your talking a talk but you can't walk the walk, I'll pvp you without banner using spear or mace/shield setup, you'll find out why I own pvp.

Edited by Sharpnarut
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im pro i buy skill with house payments pls notice me


(btw zeus upgraded to newest gears, lv21 or lv22 spear i forgot, spears do soo much damage its insane)

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Ok ill pvp you. And yes i know you your the kid who stole Apocalysm's Snorlar and Traded for lv21 Lord Enchanted Spear yes yes pro indeed. Pvp me ingame when you want pvp without banner

I'll drop you in a few hits.

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(but no denial about scamming snorlar) u just spent the gold on something

Else besides lords my point is made. Whatever u say sir i was just saying Leave the guy alone instead of challenging him to pvp he said one day he will be one of the best was just askin for u to respect other people besides ur friends

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