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  1. Next time test servers are up would be nice.
  2. I second this. And yes Gladiatoor you will need a lot. For any other class hp is a priority but Priest needs as much mana as he/she can have.
  3. Well my friend sorry to butt in but i say if you going to pvp another healers with priest you will need as much mana as you can get. Specially vs continuos healers like druids and shaman.
  4. I know that dont need your sermons.
  5. [attachment=55209:Screenshot_2016-03-16-04-05-38.png
  6. My daily equipment? I cant even upload something here properly this sucks
  7. Wow Didn't know any of this Ryderx. Well if you need help in someway pm me.
  8. If you wanna have a skill pvp setup good vs all classes at lvl 14. I say 2/5 word power 4/5 shield and 5/5 heal.
  9. I guess since thats the condition in lvl 14 it should be real easy
  10. If old enchants on full dodge equips and accesories i probably say over 30%. I hear yushiko has over that but im not sure i personally never seen his stats.
  11. Jajajaja no pude ir este año.
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