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  1. Yea but when u tire out its over
  2. Name? I never turn down a pvp even if I partially quit
  3. Why only lvl 20 accessories max, it's not much of an update rather than an implication of distinguishable versions of already available accessories.
  4. Sooooo, why they give us heal skill in the first place; ok then give us like light armours for example only chest and gloves with Magic power and belt too
  5. Too much talk, if you think an axe can touch that dmg you havnt seen enough; more speculation than calculation
  6. It's like getting a great charm all over again; I'd agree if the weapon was personal from the start, like gear from nadir tower when it first came out
  7. I'm just wondering if anyone can top that
  8. No no no hold the duck up, why do we have to do this all over again? We won last time so shouldn't we receive this bonus automatically; I hate when you change Sht up like this, Peter said that the winners from the last battle will score the battle this week. Maybe if you hired somebody to watch the servers over the weekend to make sure everything is running smooth this wouldn't happen; I smell some cheap, "high-end" Gm's doing what definitely convenes to their likings, this game is really pissing me off; where does my 200$ I give u monthly go??????????
  9. Guys come on why did the pics stop, I know I'm not welcomed here but keep posting; I'm very curious
  10. Lol I have +10 powerful ice rings and amulet and arena ring lvl 22 +10, 4.2k mdef isn't that bad right?
  11. Warlocks arnt tough, it's all strategy.
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