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  1. Next time test servers are up would be nice.
  2. I second this. And yes Gladiatoor you will need a lot. For any other class hp is a priority but Priest needs as much mana as he/she can have.
  3. Well my friend sorry to butt in but i say if you going to pvp another healers with priest you will need as much mana as you can get. Specially vs continuos healers like druids and shaman.
  4. I know that dont need your sermons.
  5. [attachment=55209:Screenshot_2016-03-16-04-05-38.png
  6. My daily equipment? I cant even upload something here properly this sucks
  7. Wow Didn't know any of this Ryderx. Well if you need help in someway pm me.
  8. If you wanna have a skill pvp setup good vs all classes at lvl 14. I say 2/5 word power 4/5 shield and 5/5 heal.
  9. I guess since thats the condition in lvl 14 it should be real easy
  10. If old enchants on full dodge equips and accesories i probably say over 30%. I hear yushiko has over that but im not sure i personally never seen his stats.
  11. Jajajaja no pude ir este año.
  12. Wow This been dead for a couple of months
  13. Itachifire


    Oh oh oh my turn My Bday is on December 20th
  14. When are people gonna understand this game is not based on pvp. Its teamwork.
  15. The only truth that hurts here fran is that you always talking about Babynatali. I know you have a crush on "It". Leave the gossip to the girls.
  16. What the %$@# is this? Panchen you gay bastard. Im a straight guy. Even tho everything u wrote there was funny so no hard feelings.
  17. Me too bro but dont worry ill be alright. Not the first time that i take a break.
  18. Thanks and ive been playing for a long time i started around October of 2011.
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