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this is ridiculous. im taking a break from warspear. the incompetent people running this game do not understand that i didnt do anything and that i didnt know he used a hacked paypal. im guessing my account is perma banned so whatever. i will keep emailing them to see if i can get it unbanned, if not then this is my goodbye for now. cya guys. they just lost a pretty valuable player so their fault. keep killing them elf mcs. and elf that are my friend keep trying to defend urself  :lol: . keep rockin guys! peace out. oh and ill still be on forum btw ;)

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:( I also got banned :( I never did anything wrong :( they say I got banned because I got mshop items from people who hacked I think :( now I'm screwed :( I bet it was from xspartanss or Radioheart they were pumped wit Mcoin stuff but radi say he get his stuff from hotty and some other guy :( GM I NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG!

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One of or more do that.


So best is find out ,who.

Only person about i think he got banned by mistake is Mrx.


About other ppl i can't say,because don't know anyone personally.


Find the group who did it. Maybe they will unban then after you found them.


Best is find the proof. Screaming on forum don't help.

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lmao i still havent gota reply from support  :facepalm:


You were blocked for payapal fraud. PayPal gave information to us about some your transactions which were considered as fraud.

You will recieve additional info by e-mail as soon as possible.

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