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  1. @strsomething, They will not answer, most probably they just ignore it or simply delete all "wrong" posts. Alot of my posts was deleted, because i said the truth, and truth hurt the most. (i said bullshit also) ;) Or maybe mr.Snorlax will answer to it with something "smart", who know. :)
  2. Lol u guys quit this game every update... But sooner or later u all will back, and even support devs with money. I dnt play this game after 0.7v and im happy about that. U will miss the friends maybe? Then convince them to play other better and real mmo.game.
  3. Tottaly agree. Now every1 are the same, only items change stats, its boring. Attribute points will change the game for better. Also we should gain few AP every lvl.
  4. Are u ducking crazy? We are not a communism country! We are not a China. Our prime minister is ducking dumb, thats all. I will kill him if he sign Acta.
  5. Stop ACTA! Sign every petition against it before it will be too late! If ACTA will pass, there will be no Internet anymore! http://www.petitiononline.com/stopatca/petition.html
  6. Panowie podpisujemy: http://www.petycjeonline.pl/petycja/nie-dla-acta-nie-zgadzam-na-podpisanie-umowy-miedzynarodowej/608 STOP ACTA!
  7. Its not a Pipa/sopa who destroyed Megaupload. It was US FBI. they show that they dont need sopa to delete sities. And pipa/sopa are both dead now, it didnt passd US senate.
  8. R3van


    Lol warspear staff banned half of the game, they just destroyed one of their gold mine, how smart. :) Only i will remain unbanned because i dont play this game anymore.
  9. R3van

    "Hack" sities.

    Ofc its me who created this, i just wanted to promote my new site. :) Just kidding lol.
  10. Mc: :) :D :P :/ :0 Elf: :/ :) ;) :] Mc: :D ]:-> Elf: :[ :( :> ----TRANSLATION TO HUMAN LANG---- Mc: hi elfie. Elf: hi Mc: how are u today? Elf: fine, but i dont get any boss drop today,also im out of beer. For me its kind of weird idea...talk with emoticons? Wtf.. Better to just add normal chat between factions..
  11. R3van

    "Hack" sities.

    One of the few sities i found, which "hack" the game.. Just look how many people write there their accounts info...devs should do something with such sities.. *link removed*
  12. Alternative for non-rich players? Quit this game, and play any other P2P game, its alot cheaper than "free" warspear.
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