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  1. hey guys looks like another way for them to get money out of u. have fun with the scamming game :drinks:
  2. I wish I could play but someone got me banned. thanks alot douche bags of the world
  3. Snowy


    I already know who got me banned. radioheart if u see this, ur a douche for getting me banned u punk a**hole
  4. Would you rather have money or power on a little game ull quit in a year
  5. welcome to the world of warspear. Spend infinte amounts of money and never really get anywhere in return. Sign up now to be scammed blindly out of your money! :drinks:
  6. Snowy


    this is ridiculous. im taking a break from warspear. the incompetent people running this game do not understand that i didnt do anything and that i didnt know he used a hacked paypal. im guessing my account is perma banned so whatever. i will keep emailing them to see if i can get it unbanned, if not then this is my goodbye for now. cya guys. they just lost a pretty valuable player so their fault. keep killing them elf mcs. and elf that are my friend keep trying to defend urself :lol: . keep rockin guys! peace out. oh and ill still be on forum btw ;)
  7. Ok so we are supposed to talk to support when they take two days just to respond to one email. I have been emailing them for a week and still no response to why am I not getting unbanned if I have proved everything they have said to not be my fault but the acts of another person that got me banned. :facepalm: :facepalm:
  8. yes perez is really high to
  9. id say eisha strawberry and gerza ;D
  10. kuzz! did u die trying to kill it? :crazy:
  11. well if you look up in the posts someone said elfs rule warspear :facepalm:
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