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  1. I'm banned on my iPod but my comp is ok??? Happened to 12 others in sapphire >:(
  2. 12 chars + mine where blocked today, get your shit together and work it out Jesus.
  3. Funny because I can just barely kill snowy and I'm full +9
  4. Haha thanks! We're farming for 3 hrs tommorow ^.^
  5. NO we did not get a drop, we'll do it again tommorow(: server: Sapphire_US
  6. Me and my friends took on blazing anex! just 5 of us xD by the way, Radioheart is playing Xspartanss! ( im radioheart) Take a look: :D
  7. My suggestion is for admins or moderators to actually READ OUR SUGGESTIONS AND COMMENT ON THEM. Even a short comment saying its possible,no, or yes will do. JUST READ THEM! Because I swear I'm wasting time writing these
  8. Well how come moderators view this but non ever view the suggestions :/
  9. Well most of you all know I hit the server hard by getting full +9 but I was wondering if you guys know another rogue who can beat me, I've fought almost all rogues, just waiting on a new one. & What's your honest opinion on my char ^^
  10. Admin bro ! If you won't let there be communication between mountain clan and Firstborn. Make it at least they can see the emoticons in area chat? Because it sounds practical. Only emoticons though, like :D :( and a lot of others. This makes it more interesting instead of logging a noob firstborn just to ask for a 1v1. Do this and I shall love you forever. I'm sure no-one else has issues with this !
  11. Honest to god Warspear admins. Read my bloody suggestions >:( All I ask if for you to read it & consider? Class PK tournament When you click menu then arena, you should be able to select from the normal arena and class PK. Class PK is basically like arena except it is 1 on - against your own class, the tournament winner may receive a special prize + their name will appear orange rather than white for 5 data or until the next tournament . If the name colour change Is a problem for other factions then the winner receives a special costume that symbolizes something like a Fighter uniform with a crown. ( fighter costume in miracle shop). This costume can last until the next tournament and may be won again . :) Just think about it! I want a way to see who's top Rogue, Ranger, Bladedancer, Shaman, Druid or Barbarian (: Thanks! Char: Radioheart ( full +9 now! Yay for me )
  12. Sure, dark merchant (:
  13. Suggestions: skills! These are my suggestions for new skills for all classes! ( I'll try make It fair between Mountain clan and FirstBorn! Mountain Clan: Barbarian) Skill Name: War-cry Description: The skill war cry takes 70% of the users total available HP & increases attack, defense & dodge for 15 seconds or so. Eg. Extra 15% attack, 30% defense, 10% doge Leveling the skill: Lvl 1: 60% HP taken, 15seconds skill usage Lvl 2) 50% HP taken, 16seconds skill usage Lvl 3) 45% HP taken, 17 seconds skill usage Lvl 4) 40% HP taken, 16 seconds skill usage Lvl 5) 35% HP taken, 15 seconds skill usage. Possible additions: When the skill is used, potions cannot be used for 6 seconds. Target cannot be healed for 6 seconds too. Shaman) Skill name: Resurrect Shaman used 60% of their maximum mana to resurrect a dead player with 50% HP & 40% energy. Leveling the skill) Lvl 1) 60% used, player revived with 50% HP, 40% Energy Lvl2) 55% used, player revived with 60% HP, 50% energy Lvl 3) 50% used, player revived with 70%HP, 60% energy Lvl 4). 60% used, player revived with 75% HP, 65% energy Lvl 5) 70% uses, player revived with 80% HP, 80% energy Rogue Skill name) counter kill Description : The skill is activated & when a monster/ player attacks the rogue, the damage that was ment to be dealt to the rogue is countered the rogues next attack will be of the same damage or hen the rogue is attacked, the attacker receives the damage. Leveling the skill: Lvl 1) 70% of damage is countered, 25 second cool down Lvl 2) 75% of damage is countered, 30second cool down Lvl 3) 85% of damage is countered, 40 second cool down Lvl 4) 95% of damage is countered, 40 second cool down Lvl 5) 105% of damage is countered ( 100% of the attack + 5% extra attack) , 45 second cool down First born) Druid) Skill name: Shield Description: shamans should get a skill which is usable on allies that casts a shield around the player & that shield absorbs a certain amount of damage before disappearing. Eg) lvl 1 shield may absorb a total of 150damage & once that amount of damage has been dealt, the shield disappears. Leveling the skill) Lvl 1). Absorb 150damage. Cool down: 17 seconds Lvl 2) absorb 250 damage. Cool down: 21 seconds Lvl 3) absorb 350 damage. Cool down 24 seconds Lvl 4) absorb 450 damage, cool down 20 seconds Lvl 5) absorb 600 damage, cool down 30 seconds * I'll do the rest for blade Dancer and Ranger soon enough . These are just suggestions don't say " WTF THAT'S BIT FAIR" cause they're just suggestions -.- Char: Radioheart
  14. Hehehe, thanks ! :good:
  15. Thanks for translating ! I'll put it on to the Russian suggestion list later, because I don't know which topic it is :/
  16. :blush: WARSPEAR Suggestions: 1) miniature arena map for players Whom wish to do 1v1 arena matches, matches can be made by interacting with a player and selection "request match" or something similar 2) pets. Not normal pets, I am talking about miniature monsters like imps or so that follow your character around. They serve special functions, they can wear special fears which require special types of runes or crystals, the amount of extras ( from enchanted equipment on pet) goes towards your total. Let's day the pet has an attribute of speed, then it gains dodge percentage faster than a meelee type of pet. If the pet has 2% dodge, that is automatically added to the player( owner of pet). Another use of pets is in combat, they possess special skills like, rare pets may be able to make traps visible to the owner, & other pets may be able to locate a hidden player ( stealth). This is good because it allows fore more fun in the game. Pets gain levels by killing monsters + or minus 2 levels within them and in order to level, the player must kill 20 monsters to level up to 2 then 25 monsters for level 3 or so. The maximum level of a pet cannot pass the owners level. Pets can be bought from the miracle shop as eggs and you may have to wait 30minutes for them to hatch. Pets can also be farmed from bosses, like sea monster may drop a sea monster egg and that may hatch into a minute version of a sea monster ( less attack, defense, etc) and the special attribute of the pet may be strength do each level it gives a bonus 2 strength or so. ( please think about this suggestion) 3) A black marketer ! A black marketer can be the one stop shop got all players looking for items that are being sold by others . The shop is interactive in which you can choose to put items up for trade. So I put my sword in the vendor, I set a price I would like for this sword and after so and so hours or days, a message appears in my inventory as a reception saying "____ purchased your ___, for _____ gold" also the seller can make a minimum sell price so players can compete to bid for items they need. The reason this suggestion should be implemented is because i simply cannot stay awake so long trying to sell my items... 4) arena games! Capture the flag: the parties start of at their base and must make it to the opponents base and grab the flag and. Take it back. Stealth is permitted but once they grab hold of a flag they cannot use any skills, just normal combat. Ad if someone was to die, they respawn at their base and a. 5 second timer before they can go and defend or attack the enemy bar and get their flag Arena game: Free for all: in this, people join the event same way they do with arena and are then teleported to a map with 4 others, the point is I see who will be the last survivor, this would be a fun game. The minim players for free for all matches would be five 5) cross server wars, a notice comes through to all players and says " head to ____ to join the cross server war" and players may go to the NPC and sign up, then at a given time they are teleported and maybe the match is sapphire vs emerald, the winning server goes on a ladder board like arena . 5) elfs and first horns should be able to talk to each other in area chat only or something . 6) new maps, & new quests & new level cap I'm sure everyone is tired or getting level 18 and restarting, we want new maps ( yes not just one map, but maybe two or more) to keep the game size reduced you can choose to got o the teleporter and he may have an option called " download area" then it is saved to your phone , this is because some people may Have slow Internet and may have to Wait excessive times to ten start the game, so by having this instead of a game update, players can simply go to the NPC and select download area or such 7) attribute points: players should be able to choose we're their attribute points go, like skill points except attribute points are earned each level.The different things attribute points can go to are: vitality: maximum HP Strength: physical damage Spirit: magic Agility: attack speed & stamina (stamina refers to my next suggestion) 8) ability to run, no one likes walking through the massive maps, so a feature that lets you sprint/ jog for a given time or until you stamina is depleted will be very useful to the warspear community. 9) PK points ( Player kill points) Pk points can be used for various necessities like a faster travel speed for 10minutes when activated or faster move speed for 2 days etc, 10)Rentable items. Rentable items should require respect which is earned by doing red missions on the map, renting equipment like swords for a day/week would be useful for boss killing and Pk'ng, as well as to show off to friends your gears 11 : " All" When you're trading someone items over 50 or so ( quest items, arena tickets ) there should be a feature where you click all , when you're choosing how many of the items you're trading instead of clicking all the way to 10, which gets very annoying. 12, a player interaction option that says "check equipment" and the other player can deny or allow and the viewer can see a screen similar to his or he's equipment screen, but this one shoes the targets equipment. That's all my suggestions for now! Please comment? (: Character: Hotpersuit server: Sapphire Talk to me in game !
  17. A fixed event in which once a week, FirstBorn people verse The Mountain clan people, it could be like 5 vs 5 or team versus team. There could be numerous rounds aswell for the people who miss out or would like to participate. And maybe prizes for winning teams?. It can also be standard team versus team in the same class ( frst born or mountain)
  18. kmute2

    Class PK

    I thought it was good, so you can see the strongest characters in the game or in the match or so, or maybe the strongest class. If you dont like it, ok, I'm alright with that :D
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