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  1. I'm banned on my iPod but my comp is ok??? Happened to 12 others in sapphire >:(
  2. 12 chars + mine where blocked today, get your shit together and work it out Jesus.
  3. Funny because I can just barely kill snowy and I'm full +9
  4. Haha thanks! We're farming for 3 hrs tommorow ^.^
  5. NO we did not get a drop, we'll do it again tommorow(: server: Sapphire_US
  6. Me and my friends took on blazing anex! just 5 of us xD by the way, Radioheart is playing Xspartanss! ( im radioheart) Take a look: :D
  7. My suggestion is for admins or moderators to actually READ OUR SUGGESTIONS AND COMMENT ON THEM. Even a short comment saying its possible,no, or yes will do. JUST READ THEM! Because I swear I'm wasting time writing these
  8. Well how come moderators view this but non ever view the suggestions :/
  9. Well most of you all know I hit the server hard by getting full +9 but I was wondering if you guys know another rogue who can beat me, I've fought almost all rogues, just waiting on a new one. & What's your honest opinion on my char ^^
  10. Admin bro ! If you won't let there be communication between mountain clan and Firstborn. Make it at least they can see the emoticons in area chat? Because it sounds practical. Only emoticons though, like :D :( and a lot of others. This makes it more interesting instead of logging a noob firstborn just to ask for a 1v1. Do this and I shall love you forever. I'm sure no-one else has issues with this !
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