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  1. Is dead class , i don't see future in it Better make rouge or chief if u want b came damae dealer class without limiter
  2. This class always op from start , always need fix , idk why this class getting so much love
  3. Reaper is not going too well in arena Need work up in this area
  4. akansha

    bugs v3.0

    I think stun skill and dark skill of deathknight r not working. Lvl 1 = lvl 5 not practical change. Pls cheak it out.
  5. Aww i can feel ur pain lvl 14 players. Gms do something soon.
  6. Ty kuz, ty judges. I didnt have words what to say. Ty again :)
  7. I will take away poor souls of these choosen because in saya. Im crusader
  8. Ty zetta :) my heart is full of dark.im a bad girl lol. So ill play forsaken maybe warlock may on us server. It depend on sam which server he joins i join there too. Lol
  9. omg mene to kabi socha he nai ke ek ghada itni acchi story likh sakta he. Now im jealous of u all grrr. Any way thats nice :good:
  10. :clapping: awesome. When ever i saw stories of u all friends im kinda jealous. I hope u win :yahoo:
  11. Yeah iron u r absolutely right :lol: :lol:
  12. Clapping. Im jealous of ur story.bahut pyaari he :)
  13. Ty sisi. Sach batana tumhe hansi to jarur aayi hogi. Sab soch rahe honge ke me pagal hu. :lol:
  14. Lol kos u too highly amplified. I know 2 mohths earlier ur every equipment were +7. After 2 month may be +9. Before amplify update i used to be in top 10 but now top 50 :facepalm: i can show u my items are +2 lol.
  15. U stupids where is my name im the boss of all mcs. The greatest rouge ever :yahoo: Lol the name given abore are those who are highly amplified and no skillfull except tonydark. just power of money no skills they have.
  16. yaar mene max. Time aapke saath spend kiya he.aap mere best friend ho. Aap ki story likhna accha laga. Ab cahe koi kuch be kahe idc
  17. Nice story shub. I remember we 1st meet at unicorn. U are my best friend on fb. Hope we all win:yahoo:
  18. Brother yeah good one. Yea its true that time mc camp were like ghost my friend gring told me about the time he spend with u.
  19. Ty chrono. I was nervous when writing. That was my 1st ever attempt. Ty
  20. hyye friends. Pink is my favorait colour. So i write my store in pink thats obvious ;D this is a story of a boy, a warrior, bestfrient, whom i love most. :give_rose: before starting let me introduce u with me and my friend. My name is akansha im from india and my characters are xsayax and scarlets (mc). And my friend name is....sry its secreat ;) his character name is capela and serioussam :give_rose: now i come to the story. It was the golden period of warspear,there was an updtate after which barbs can use heavy armour and 2 handed axe. I was at lvl 14 when i 1st saw him. There were very few mcs at that time so that new questers has problem with handling bosses. Many peoples were asking for help including him. I decided to help them.i dont know if there was something that lure me towards him. He invite me in a party. Thank god we got full party and we just did the boss spy leader.after that i help him with some small quests. After our 1st meet he didnt play for 15 or 20 days.i daily wait for him just to say hi. Finally the day came when he again started to play and i was happy.next time i meet him when he did torar and 1st camp of 2nd map. At that time i was at lvl 16. We meet at 2 town. I was busy in doing quests and commented on my new wedding dress 'dekho to kitne acche lag rahe ho' and his comment touched my heart. We became friends now. I help him to lvl up and he help me to do dailies.i was not done shadow quest yes. He wished for me and wow i got shadow easily. Now i feel proud to have such a nice friends. That times elves were too powerfull they were more in numbers and bit annoying too >:D. They used to kill all mcs blocking nadir. This makes impossible for shaman capela to do quests at nadir. By this time i found that most elfs are potter >:D. I bought some pots for him and he gave me all that rewards he wins in quests. One day i bought surprise chest in his name and what i see omg :shok: :friends: i got a pink panda (i want to tell u one thing i love tummy of pand,so cute :blush:) i gave that panda to capela, he deserve that. Now real war starts now when capela needs chainless quest. At that time elf were too dominent. There was easy respawn for elfs at nadir omg elfs every where :facepalm: it takes 20 days to get genie. Elfs used to farm genie 24 hrs :wacko: now capela leave chainless for some times and he compleated t5 quests. Now he growing up in to a expert shaman. He discovered secreat tunnel way that leads to t4 of elf :good: i was unaware of this way. By this time we became close friend. Now it gets easy for us to reach t4 of elf without being discoverd by elfs and rest chainless was done easily. This going on capela did shadow. Now capela was grown up in to a tough shaman warrior. Now fun beaings now we started to hunt elfs:yahoo: . By this time many baby mcs were grown up thanks to lehero hamxa, cutieee, xeli, ambus, warboy and many more. Together with then capel and me started hunting them. wow se those coward elfs running. However there were some mighty elfs like cevilone, stupidity, analyze, grocery and many more. We feel nervous in front of them. they were really tough. now capela grown up in to a wise mighty shaman. He started farming bosses to get rares. He gave me many drops. By this time i got jaelous with capela, because of 1)being a wise shaman his demand was so high that he dont have time for me 2) during farming he only got drops and not me I got mad on him. But he convice me :give_rose: bye the time he become stroger and skilled even the mighty elfs afraid of him. Now he fully grown in to a mighty shaman. we all were happy. As u all knows happy days are followed by bad days. Same was here :'( capela used to help noobs and he make many new friends one of them was ayhen. Capela helped her to level up fast and she takes capela in trust. One day ahyen asked capela that she wants to experience shaman. Initially capela hesitated but later on she convinced capela. And finally the day comes when ahyen deleated capela :shok: omg where is my wise mighty capela :cray: :'(. Is this the end of capela. What happend to capela.......... Hold ur heart and wait for once upon a time in warspear part 2 'the raise of serioussam' 'dedicated to my best friend sam' friends this is my first story i ever wrote. Please ignore spelling and grametical mistakes thanky you all of you :) part -2 Hi friend im back again to entertain you with 2nd part of story ' The raise of serioussam' capela was gone. That guy 'ayhen' distroyed the trust of all mountain clan by engulfing my capela. I was shattered, my best friend was gone. But capela was true son of mountain clan. He promised all mountain clan to raise again and sevrve their mother land and this time none of the devil(like ayhen) can stop him. This time his sould decided to raise as strong and merciless barberian to cut the ears of so called choosen and elvs. True friendship never ends. When the capela was alive, i made a new character whom wise shaman himsef named saya which means shadow. Capela said this rouge saya will be one of best assasing of its time unstopable by enemies. When rebirth of capela takes place then saya recognize his friend whose name was 'serioussam' ( serioussam will be abbrivated as sam in rest of story). This soul of sam has memory of his past life,this memory and experience help him to grow up fast. This talented young cruel warrior soon finished his job in godgoraath. Now i was time to serve motherland whis was terrorized by attacks of elf. By this time there was an update where there was beta testing of arena. Sam now grows more stronger helping every npc in his quest he reaches town 5 of islenhort. By this time there was an update where rouges can use power of stealth and barb charge. With his newly developed ability sam and other true son of godgaroth caused terrors in the elfs. Now this young warrior got job to catch those cowerd elfs and tear them to pieces without any mercy. This young strong barb is doining his duety well, killing terrorising elf, rocking arena, helping other young warriors and waiting for a long journey ahed. request to game developers- please improve amplify system rate of fail is way to high. And last thing and more varients for sms in india ty. :)
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