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  1. up :cray: any suggestion from other about this ?
  2. for future ,,im sugested for system name point war kill(PK system) ,,for detail chek it dot ;D : point war kill : 1.for every kill 1 player or enemy exemple (my elf kill mc )they get 1 point kill and enem get -2 point 2.if he get killed by other enemy (mc killed my elf)enemy get 1 point and im get -2 point ..its worked for same level or more higher level ,, exemple 1.lv 15 can get point if he kill lv 15 or more high.. 2.but he dint get point if he kill lower level exemple lv 15 kill lv 15 - lv 1 3.and lets we made limit for pk system ,, a. player must reach level 15 for get pk system b. player can get kill lv 15 - 18 and 19 - 20 c. with this mean lv 15 cant get point kill ,if he kill lv 19 or lv 20 and lets we start to made limit point for every days,,he can get 200 point maximum every days and this point can we exchange to gold , arena point , or crimson corondum(cc) 1.20 gold for 1 point kill 2.1 arena point for 1 point kill **for mirecle shop,,please add 4x potion point kill,when used this potion player dint get (-) point if get killed by enemy (150 coin/pcs maybe)*depend on development **and add 2x point kill exchange to gold or arena point (200coin/pcs)*depend on development for development ,admin ,and player please reply this suggestion ..i hope this system gonna work at warspear online same with another p2p game :search: :search:
  3. pc(windows)still can evade banned device :facepalm: only with step made new admin and user
  4. who want vs my party arena 5 warlock ,,and you must used elf party :clapping: up up
  5. no answer,,i want know it also ;D 5 warlock vs aigrid using elf :clapping: who win ?
  6. im sure if this pet system is like this at warspear,,this game will beat game seal online :clapping: .. i add 1 suggest,,how if pet will get + 1 until +30 from food pet that can we buy from mcoin shop.. or from arena ::)
  7. lets go 5x5,,i use 5 warlock,,you all use elf ,,if lose payme 100coin,,if i lose i pay 200 coin /battle :pleasantry:
  8. i want made pvp with devs ,,you all use elf,,i use 5 warlock party ,, can ?? if dev can not take a wins from me,,fix it please :pleasantry:
  9. its so good ,,with sketch and cool color and costum,,its can be 1st place :good:
  10. god wing :good: ,,i want it
  11. Scout


    yo yoi ;D ;D tapi yang pakai 3d app itu pakai apa ya,,kok kayak nyata banget :wacko:
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