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  1. Talking about another,no when 15 mc have war with 70 elf and still kick their ass :D That was strategy.
  2. Current in-game fun is based on amount of money what are you spend on it. Unfortunately.
  3. Best thing to do is expand ingame land to more continent,and adding more faction to game. I want stay in game ,not log to game for nothing to do. But at least we have Astral. But,farming in there is again based on population,what Mountain Clan dont have. Current biggest problem are only two sides to join.
  4. This is not Crying,just want fresh new things in game,make game better then current progress. For that i started with area. Mine feeling is Elf zone look a cooler then our. Just silly thinking,dont you think? But true is the visual page of game make huge difference too.
  5. I want discuss about difference between Mountain Clan and Firstborn. Mountain loses players, and still no balanced population. Just is basic example take the starting area of races. Elven starting zone look very cool ,great sound samples,great sprite and animation,you just feel real town from it. Better gaming experience. What have Mountain Clan? Personally i think Mountain Clan is second in developer's eyes. Two ranged class, little area with easy quest,easy mob. Seems Mountain Clan not evoke players to play. Sapphire have 5-6 elf to one Mountain player. Why? Because all play better looking elven land with great ranged class. Me was impressed by elven play feeling when started new char. At Mountain Clan land nothing take me to play,seems always empty. Just think we dark side must look cool,make ppl want to play too... Or we are planned by devs always be second? Hope for adding new faction,Chosen and Forsaken,or maybe more like Dwarfs,need to put fresh idea to game,new ingame pvp zone. Need to put Auction House,Magic Schools(At announcement of 1.0 was written,where are they?),Guild system,better mailbox system,Duel mode,Battle events or contests. Hair style need put to more to choose,because all starting to look same. People need know something,can happen in game. That is mine feeling after tons of hour playing Warspear Online.
  6. Finally good answer,not just for one side. Yes,that is true. But in theory,barbarian deal lowest damage. Because fight is time dependant. Not by deal,and attributes. Fastest damage rate win. Noone count with swing and speed formula.
  7. Yes,Barbarian have Strong body constitute,so? I dont see huge difference. Btw barbarian with 2900 hp is without other bonus,because using only fortitude. Only little bigger waiting to death...
  8. ChronoTwo

    The FoF Clan Book

    Waw,cool farm teams and rules here. Sapphire don't have. It's a pity. Hope i can post if i'm not member of Friends of Faith. :D
  9. Biggest problem is i can't actualize main page. Clan contains some ppl more,an some stopped play,but not much:) Biggest change is adding Circle system. Now clan have Three Circles. Third Circle - Newbies,must answer two question to join. Second Circle -all player what passed questions First Circle - Is for Higest lvl, plus contain mental quetions. Preventing a noob be in. We need to set an Senator of Guild or Senat too.
  10. And who said Ranger must be able to tank? Every class must be different,Not Ranger took all. Lol this being a ranger starting rage me. What next? Skills only for Ranger?
  11. Lol, this answer sucks.How you can use ranger for tank boss lol...It is like use Car for FMX. Ranger must have specific place,not bang,bang,bang,enemy ko. NEVER SAW RANGER TOO OVERPOWERED,JUST IN THIS GAME. In this world usually exist rules in mmorpg. Just this game using confusing style. Ranger. is usually fast,not huge powered class with advantage on range. Not when melee is close,and getting same damage. But,you just lazy so you playing most poor character called Ranger.This need huge fix,game just sucks with that. From now for me one rule. Ranger= No skill Bladedancer=practically Barbarian Bd is skilled, not ranger.
  12. ChronoTwo


    djin,when open game what will happen? Installed from Android Market? Try reinstall, or free up memory. Maybe firmware problem,still not supported yet.
  13. That items must drop from boss only,not served for rich noob. Amplify is same. They can bring trade center where gold can be transfered to Miracle coins.
  14. yes,next update must be balance..... Too bored from 5-second fight.
  15. Windows mobile version just "stay" and doing nothing. So it close program and redirect to Twitter site? If yea ,nothing for me. No option to get autorization code manually,so what i need to do. Seems desktop version do same.
  16. Melee class is very limited by laggy reaction,for most ranged class is too easy to shot melee down. Most of them complaining because they afraid of no profit from future update. Game need redesign , at least speed attributes , hp!! Better. play melee before start say that no true. As i said every melee player is reaction expert now. Game too easy for ranger. He is still overpowered. Next thing is aabout skill setup, nothing much to choose from ,that is another problem. If devd will add weapons and itemd with attribute like Poison or percentual chance to use attribute, game will be better. At least we melee need better chance to fight or redesign other classes. Usually other games have test fight or server , or roll many changes to better balance.
  17. One of or more do that. So best is find out ,who. Only person about i think he got banned by mistake is Mrx. About other ppl i can't say,because don't know anyone personally. Find the group who did it. Maybe they will unban then after you found them. Best is find the proof. Screaming on forum don't help.
  18. Peoples complaining about because they play that class. This game is much fast to mobile game. Melee class need massive reaction to play,Barbarian and Bladedancer are hard to play. True answer for me is from melee player so ok,Slay but i suggest to all player at elf side play Barbarian first before they start say this not true. For ranged class is pretty easy push enemy away,but "try to be pushed". For me is every Barbarian skilled master against other classes. OUR CLASS NEED SOMETHIN LIKE BERSERK SKILL. For example we need multiple hit skill or something, need make difference between players with onehanded or twohanded weapon.
  19. Yes,you can. No problem. But i can't add you because mine main account is banned. Still no response from devs.
  20. I'm the best Bladedancer. :D :D :D
  21. ChronoTwo

    "Hack" sities.

    Lol,as i read Pummy,an Elmond try hacku on site too...Why?
  22. Kuzmitch,delete all miracle coin hackers and cheaters...Game ruined by that Clean Sapphire elf too,they need too Huge clean...
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