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  1. Actually Ascetic and i are the same person....... ...did your head explode? Lol i might return if the new end game content is actually end game content. I guess we shall see in a few years when its released ;D
  2. Hmm maybe your hair isnt the only thing your head lost.
  3. Whats really funny is a ranger thinking somehow their skill isnt derived from game mechanics. Wait....... ......people still play this game??? ;D
  4. A good idea.....and in that same line of thought: when you ignore someone it should ignore the account to prevent harassment.
  5. Well I am currently exhale thorns and dark shield 5. You must have dark shield it works great for both setups. Obviously high thorns. Exhale doesn't add too much for shield users though unless you sacrifice defensive stats for dark damage. I might try 5 thorns 5 shield 3 threads and 3 exhale. That would be a very balanced setup no matter what you're using for gear (dark or defense).
  6. Llalous fight my dk in shield setup if you want to try it. Alucardl. I bet you run out of mana on my shield ;D Bottom line if you're talking about tanking as in a group setting (assuming shaman/druid and priest necro heals) dk wins a close call tho. No other tank ca absorb so much damage. Yes the aura boost is decent and a small heal helps but dk with heals is a better tank in the true meaning of the word. If you're talking about solo tanking mobs then paladin for sure. Obviously heal puts him over the edge in this category. If you're talking about PvP well they're pretty close and just go with your favorite faction.
  7. It depends on who you want to kill and your skill setup. I have both setups and both dooms for it. Spear actually is perhaps the best melee class for killing casters: shamans, druids, rangers etc. You'll even kill warlocks in that 0.5 seconds you have inbetween fear and circle. Spear struggles with strong melee classes though like a high amp bd. One handed is fantastic for melee classes. You'll also make some druids and shamans run out of mana on you. Against pro casters though you lack the burst damage to kill many of them. Spear is for Burst Damage one hand is for sustained dps.
  8. Removing all would have no effect.. The running ranged would never be slowed down without stagger. It would remain exactly the same as far as the balance between melee and ranged. Almost every ranged class has two skills that help them create distance (bees+root, blind+quake, splash+circle+fear, trap+scatter, chains+teleport). Melee classes are given one skill to bridge the gap rarely two (stealth, hamstring, charge+chop, fetters, exhale+tendrils). If the gap never shortens between a class designed to run and another designed to chase, and the chaser is always out numbered in the skills used to counter distance then the imbalance remains.
  9. I haven't made a suggestion in a long time so what the hell why not? Despite some recent tweaks to skill usage and duratins on a few skills. The fundamental range vs melee dynamic is still flawed on all levels (pvp open war etc) The despite having a few skills to close ranks there's so much crowd control on ranged classes that the imbalance remains despite the adjustments. So I'll suggest again....only melee attacks should stagger. Too often a running ranged class can turn and fire a normal attack then continue running, and the fact that it staggers the chasing melee means the gap between the two never shortens. I'd exclude any skills that would be expected to stagger like bees or splash. Again, only melee attacks should stagger...Ty.
  10. Bald dancers own my Rouge ;D
  11. It's a pretty good slogan ;D. Maybe not I'm looking for gold costumes and an sd blade lol. Open for trades.
  12. Shadow that profile pic is horrifying. Post it here so we can see it better. ;D
  13. I'm sure hes sleeping sange ;D and waking sange.....and everything sange.
  14. Can you convince me to unbind my Wulturns suit? Find out by pming me an offer in game Alucardl or Afro. Perhaps you could become one of two people on Mc Sapphire with it.
  15. I heard she likes long walks on the beach, bunnies, and annoying spam. They're soul mates.
  16. For the record: I'm +10 crit enchanted using ice rings +amulet and a polar bear pot in my profile pic. No one is hitting 4k damage :facepalm: And if you can't beat a rogue on your druid then get some resilience and cast root and bees faster.
  17. Well warlock rogue and ranger keep your hair but cover the face with a mask. Necro Shaman Dk and Paladin have hood or helmet hiding the face But druid and priest get to keep hair and beard style while barb bd and mage do not.
  18. The beginner bag for initiates for barbarians has a costume that looks decent except it removes facial hair appearance despite being an open faced costume. If you guys get a chance to fix that'd be great thanks.
  19. Odin

    Miss Me?

    Looks like a young Ronald McDonald struggling with the complexities of even lipstick application
  20. Rogue choices was thief and assassin. Snorly has said they would like to re add specializations in the future. Whether that means they're working on it idk.
  21. This is called foreshadowing ;D
  22. Ah you've met the greatest name+hairstyle+costume combo in the game. Penishole+bald+fairy A great rogue too ;D
  23. I've been on my dk lately galv ;D But you're right, game needs a shot in the arm. Guild update will provide that. People will get organized. Hopefully we can coordinate some type of guild wars to incite some big wars. But the next big update needs to be new levels and specializations. Would be nice to know the plan devs have in mind.
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